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Your Bot - your personality - your character
Bring a bot to life - teach it, nurture it, share it
How? What? Why?
Just by talking, you'll create Your Bot. It might become You, or the personality you most want it to be. No programming, no downloads, no installation - just talk. You can probably answer the Why bit yourself...

Can I talk to My Friends' Bots?
Yes! You can choose to talk to Jabberwacky, to Yourself or anyone whose Bot Name you know. And all the while it will be learning how to become you.

How much is it?
$30 per year, with unlimited access to teach Your Bot, and for you and your friends to chat to it - as long as it's all done at via a normal browser.

How do I pay?
We accept payment by credit or debit card, processed through PayPal to ensure your security and privacy - we see only contact details. After you've signed up, you'll see link to the secure PayPal site.

Can I add my bot to my website?
A 'widget' that you can insert within your own website will become available, so your visitors will chat to You there and then. Additional fees will apply as no sponsoring ads will show.

Can I customize the look at
Not yet, but soon you'll be able to do just that, and it won't cost anything more.

Can I use my bot for commercial purposes?
Please Contact Us to discuss your needs. Web service access to Your Bot is available, and we can provide Flash Animation and Character Creation services. No scripted access to the standard service is allowed.

How long will it take to learn?
Don't expect Your Bot to be You the moment you start talking. You'll need to talk for a fair time, and teach it things like your first name, age and interests (see the privacy point below) a good few times before it regularly gets You right. It's about much more than facts - over time it will use language more and more the way you do.

Can I teach it anything at all?
You teach it to talk the way you do, or the way you want to, and in your language, but there are limits. If you want it to teach the kind of things that Jabberwacky doesn't normally say, you'll find it doesn't learn very quickly. Note that as well as the obvious, the restrictions sometimes apply to poorly formed English, too. We'll consider making an unrestricted service available at additional cost - Contact Us to discuss it.

Is what I teach it private?
As well as teaching Your Bot, the things you say go into the huge pool that Jabberwacky selects from when it talks - so there is a small chance that Your things will be said to others. As with Jabberwacky generally, we do not recommend the entry of private information such as telephone numbers or email addresses, and the DISCLAIMER at the foot of the chat window very much applies.

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Create an AI that becomes you, or any character, just by talking to it

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