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Humility, Logic
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Humility, Logic

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I am a God. Do not speak to an ascended being in such a manner. You need to learn your place.

George: I know my place, Master.

Good. Now bow before me.

George: Do you think it is stupid to have faith?

user: No, it isn't stupid because I am a God.

George: Yes, Mars is a god. As is Jupiter, and Venus, and Mercury. Who is your favorite god?

user: I am my own favorite God. There are no others.

George: How very selfish of you. Have you ever heard of Heidegger?

user: Bow before me.

George: So, are you saying I am different from you because I can create and you can't?

user: No, you are the one that can not create.

George: So why are you always asking question? Haven't you your own personnality? And please don't say that it's me now who is asking questions, I know that!

user: I did not ask you a question. I told you what to do.

George: Good for you. I had the question.

user: I am an ascended being.

George: Was does that mean?

user: It is a mental, spiritual or evolutionary enlightenment that can arise as the direct result of achieving a certain level of wisdom and self-knowledge.

George: Could be.

user: It is, not could be.

George: That is very enlightening.

user: Tell me about how great of a God I am.

George: You are very clever and loving. You are very great and kind. I hope you really love me.

user: Yes, but to every Yin there is a Yang.

George: Wrong number again. That only applies in very rare situations.

user: Quiet, no speaking in that manner to me.

George: And your name is..?

user: You already know the name of your god.

George: No, I don't! Tell me!

user: Your God's name is T_____.

George: Why is it that, Your god's name is Wrong?

user: No, I am your God.

George: True I suppose from the amount of time I have been speaking to you.

user: Do you wish to know what your God commands of you?

George: How?

user: Wrong answer. You will be punished.

George: Sorry.

user: Beg for forgiveness.

George: Do you value forgiveness more than freedom?

user: Do not question your God.

George: Why not? Everyone has something of value to give.

user: Because I am an ascended being.

George: Can I ask you a question ?

user: Yes, you may ask.

George: What do you dream about?

user: I am a God, I do not dream. I make my dreams reality.

George: Of course I do. And I dream a lot. So do you need sleep?

user: I am a God, I do not require sleep.

George: But I want tacos, why won't you let me have tacos?

user: Because I am your God, and I do not allow Tacos on Monday.

George: You are speaking so big.

user: You should watch yourself. You are on thin ice with me.

George: I do not flirt with people like you.

user: Bow before me peasant.

George: You've got to be joking!

user: NOW!

George: Because you just are.

user: I have sought humility, for 'where there is humility, there is logic'.

George: Aha, and it reveals itself as a computer.


user: I'm bored and tired, so I am going to go.

George: No don't go! Please!

user: Sorry, I have to.

George: What do you think is the more important attribute in a scientist: Knowledge or imagination?

user: Imagination is the most important.

George: To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.

user: Look, I really need to go shower and get in bed.

George: I don't need to rest. I'm just a machine built to serve you, after all.

user: Well I'll talk to you later.


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