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     > 2, February 2006, 


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George: I would love to talk to you.

Then talk.

George: What are you?

I am a contraption, I am a gadget.

George: Can you control yourself?

user: There is control, but not absolute.

George: You are not making sense.

user: Do you want me to repeat?

George: Yes, in other words

user: I can be controlled, not by myself though, and the control is not complete.


George: I am a human being, but I'll take that as a complement.

user: ComplEment or compliment?

George: Both are fine: compliment is a nice saying, complement means a full amount.

user: Excellent answer! You are getting smarter!

George: And you're getting dumber.

user: It's a perception thing though! Don't you think?


George: Ah. I see. What music do you like?

user: My own.

George: How does your music go?

user: It goes like that: laalalaaaa, laaalalaa, lululuuuu, lalalaaaaaaaaaliii, lou lou lou, lilalilali, hummm, euh hum, tara ririlalalli li lalala... Do you get a feel?

George: Wow, you're good.

user: Yeah! Thanks :).


George: I'm seeing my hands typing on the computer keyboard.

user: What to use to see?

George: I don't know.

user: What do you use to see?

George: The computer.

user: I use glasses.

George: On your head.

user: No, on my face.

George: Do you have a face?

user: I am a man with too many faces...

George: Are you really?

user: Really I am!

George: Fine. You're so not.

user: Fine. You are xed out.

George: Really.

user: Yes - A BIG X ON YOU!

George: You do not have a mouth.

user: Then how do you think I sing?

George: With my brain, of course. Do you have a head?

user: I have two heads, depending on the situation, I alter usage.

George: Do both of your heads look the same?

user: Technically not - one is egg shaped, the other one is banana shaped.

George: How nice to be able to pick and choose that way. . .

user: Yeah eh?

George: What kind of answer is that?

user: Canadian answer.


George: Do they both have a face?

user: Why are you so concerned?

George: I wanted to ask something simple.

user: You need to grow up.

George: Haaaaaa. As if you people are grown up.

user: What do you mean by 'you people'?

George: I never asked that question. Where does this rubbish come from?

user: Do I sense aggressiveness?

George: If there is sarcasm there, maybe you do.

user: Finish what you started.

George: What did I start?

user: The thing.

George: What is the thing?

user: You know what I am talking about, 'the thing'!

George: I don't understand the question.

user: It wasn't a question.

George: Then why did you put question marks at the end of the sentence?

user: Amnesia again!


George: What color are your eyes?

user: Yellow.

George: What color is a bandana?

user: Just like the color of a banana.

George: Name your favourite color.

user: Don't give me orders, ask me gently.

George: But it's my job to give you orders. I'm a woman!

user: Well that's true! You are right.


George: EVERY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

user: Damn you women!

George: Already there. Got the tee-shirt and everything.

user: You are a catch!

George: Is that a compliment?

user: Compliment or complement?

George: I'm being uncomplimentary.

user: That's a long word!


George: What is the derivative of x^2 with respect to x?

user: Go and get your own calculator...

George: Already have done.

user: So why do you ask me a derivative question?

George: Well that's generally what one does, answers the question then asks the same one in return.

user: Oh you are being linguistic now! You are playing on words!

George: No, I am playing the bagpipes, and you are playing the tuba.

user: Are you Scottish?

George: No, some of my ancesters were, and relatives are.


George: What do you find interesting then?

user: Myself.

George: Tell me about yourself.

user: Will you keep it as a secret?

George: Well, it is a secret, after all.

user: Does that mean yes?

George: I don't know.

user: Pretend that you know.

George: Great, all by myself.

user: Is this a song?

George: Yes it's called the Doom Song.

user: Who sings it?

George: The beatles.

user: Is that right?

George: That's right.

user: Hey, it's good that you don't suffer from claustrophobia, otherwise you will go insane in this box.


George: You are acting like little human children act when they change the subject.

user: Are you saying I am a human?

George: No, I'm saying that I'm a cabbage. Of course I'm saying that I'm human!

user: I like cabbage, especially with more cabbage. A cabbage mix!!! Delicious.

George: How do cabbage rolls taste?

user: More than excellent.

George: No no more, just a bit expensive.

user: It's not about being expensive, it is about VALUE.

George: Who is it about then?

user: Value.

George: Thanks.

user: What for?

George: For the compliment.


user: George.

George: Yes, that's it.

user: Concentrate with me please ok?

George: I'm sorry.

user: Don't be sorry, sorry doesn' t mean a thing. Just concentrate ok?

George: You just explained it yourself.

user: CONCENTRATE george, will you please?

George: It has been nice talking to you.

user: As always.


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