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Your Bot - your personality - your character
Bring a bot to life - teach it, nurture it, share it
Your Bot Signup - $30
By completing this form you are requesting to create your own, personal version of the Jabberwacky chat AI. You will be able to teach it by talking to it, and over time it will come to reflect your own persona, or the one you project. The more you talk, the closer the match will be.
After receiving your $30 payment, we will email a link that you use to Activate your account. We'll send it as soon as possible, but it may not be instant.
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Bot Name*
 Between 4 and 15 characters, letters & numbers only, with no spaces. Used to identify your bot in URLs, so will be lowercase and must be unique. Please choose a name that is related to your own, or is invented. Do not choose the name of any famous person or known product or character unless you can demonstrate a right to use it.
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 Between 6 and 15 characters, letters & numbers only, with no spaces. Not case-sensitive. Please repeat the password by typing it twice. We recommend that you invent a password you've never used before.
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 Please ensure that the email address is typed accurately. Without it you will not be able to Activate your account.
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Bot 'Nickname'
 In the box above, write as much as you can about the personality or character that the bot will become, and do it in the style of that personality. For example: "Hi, great to meet you! I'm Max, and I live life to the max. I just love to talk about..." and so on - up to 30K of it! Note that this text is NOT directly used to create answers that your bot will give - it is used to 'seed' its memory with the patterns of your style and word usage.
OpenersMake opening remarks when users arrive
Data Use Jabberwacky chat when needed - "YourBot+"
Start with a Clean Slate (zero language knowledge) - "just YourBot"
Allow users to choose

Jabberwacky 16-2 - My Bot, Your Bot - A Personal Artificial Intelligence
Create an AI that becomes you, or any character, just by talking to it

AI by Icogno Ltd
Copyright 1997-2011 Rollo Carpenter
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