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August 2005 The Gathering - So fun
Malex Network News - I weep for our future
Comic Nation - AI Chat logs
SGCafe - Came across this accidentally, lol.
Taunting the Gods of Irony - An old standby
July 2005 Mystical Glade - You have to go here!
StarWars - what happens when Darth Vadar chats with a bot
June 2005 wallofillusion - WHOA ... there's this awesome AI chatbot
Loonyville - Quit yer jibber jabber, fool!
Keyssplace - Gosh, this bot is so smart...
GamerzPlanet - I've been talking to him for hours lol
Diaa - conversation with a bot...
South East Archers - try it!! very funny bot!
All-Forums - just a little too intelligent
ChavWorld - Me give it a try ... this is strange ...
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