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October 2005 Conscious Entities - The Loebner Prize
September 2005 Simpixels & Graphics - So stupid but oh so funny
Quotidian Light - What Do We Do Now, George?
davywavy - Dave, Dave, what are you doing, Dave?
Skytower - what's in the coalshed - As part of scientific research·
Inside Reality - Jabberwacky?...
Slava Robotam - Hail the robots!
Stranger in a strange land - If you've got a spare 30 minutes...
Shrinkette - Beware the Jabberwack!
MacRumors - Being friends with George
Monkey Filter - I be a pirate! Arrr! - Billy no mates
United Federation of Planets SIM - I've been talking to this AI ... for almost 2 hours now lol, it's surreal.
Star Kingdoms - Chatbot fun
Half Baked Scheme - One fun thing to do is to have it talk to itself.
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