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January 2006 fyre_brand - The most hilarious thing ever, and I managed to have an interesting little chat.
December 2005 Webbiest - 1 zu 0 fuer George
November 2005 Viva El Birdos - I held a conversation about the cardinals (sort of) with an online artificial-intelligence program.
Catfish Stew - My R&D into creating automated blog entries continues
Writer Response Theory - Intelligent Design vs. Evolutionary Process
The United Force - Check out this chatbot
Trials of Ascension - This is one cool chatbot
October 2005 Gone Gothic - Are you bored? Do you sit at home all day with nobody to talk to? Then this site is for you!
City of Heroes - Virtue's first chatbot! Meet CTab!
HHtipps - Du hast auf mein Herz gebrochen
jenseits von gut und boese - Chat mit Bot
StarEdit Network - More and more like you everytime you return
Infinite Twighlight - I can't believe I have spent 15 minutes arguing it with it
The Lifeboat Forum - Designed Intelligence
Poppy Cedes - I know there's someone always there for me when I need to talk.
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