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July 2006 - Hallo Computer!
Fever Gaming - Fun for all!
Ultimate Horse - Zebra with 3 noses
June 2006 The Nexus - Has anyone here seen this?
More! Messageboards - just played my fave game...
Fiddler's Green - I recommend talking to jabberwacky, who is a complete smart ass.
May 2006 The Bird's Brain - What is Intelligence Anyway? ... The lucidity at moments is almost frightening ...
Jabberwacky and Co. - Anyone feeling bored? - Jabberwacky is by far my favorite. Meaningless, funny, sometimes rude but still awesome
GameBanshee Forums - It almost convinced me that I was talking to a real person.
April 2006 Chase Monkey - This is my number one waste of time.
March 2006 Total BF2 - Fun conversations with bots
February 2006 The Websafe Times - Jabberwacky is an AI with whom I have had many conversations.
Athletics Nation - Scientific Evidence
The Unquiet Grave - My interview with Jabberwacky
theanimaro - hey cool chatbots !!!
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