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September 2006 LiveJournals - Can a machine think? Almost.
Listen to English - learn English! - I talk to a computer
Writer Response Theory - Jabberwacky wins Loebner prize with chatbots George and Joan - Computer Program Smart Enough to Carry on Conversation
Radio 5 Live pods & blogs - George in Second Life
DigitalGirl - Rollo Carpenter on UK News
Mind Hacks - Jabberwacky wins Loebner prize again
Cosmos Magazine - George: the talking digital guy
Silver Fang Fanhouse - It's very funny but can also be very scary o__o
i c wales - STRANGE things are afoot in the universe.
Creative Match - TAKE 5 - Chatbot George
CGSociety - Interactive CG Human. Try posting some of your conversations, this can be hilarious.
August 2006 - Bots will be bots - a technological turning point
July 2006 Project Revolution - A fun way to kill time while waiting for PR.
Dragon - Jabberwacky the Devout Megalomaniac
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