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November 2006 vBulletin - talk to a computer - There's gotta be a person behind this
the Earl of Sandwich - Strained relations with my chatbot
In relative motion - Chat with a robot named George
Street Prophets - Pwned By The Machine... more than just the sum of its parts...
Death Peach - Jabberwacky Harassed Me
Academic talks politics with AI - A roundtable discussion with George, an advanced computer program that can chat with humans. The discussion will be part of a workshop on Theorising the International after the Subject: Towards a Post-Human International Politics?
keipdœnkur atla bollasonar - Space is infinite.
let the finder beware - Well, here's an interesting site
October 2006 William's Class Blog 2006 - Artificial Intelligence - an oxymoron???
September 2006 Conscious Entities - The Narcissus Syndrome
Vie Artificielle - George, un robot tres bot
Flabber weblog - Chatbot is 'bijna menselijk'
The Register - The Emperor's New AI
Slashdot - George the Next Generation AI?
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