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February 2007 Cuvou - My conversation with Jabberwacky
Thoughts, Rants and Ideas - Pearls of wisdom, nuggets of truth or avocados of logic
January 2007 Family Lore - Getting a computer to carry out a realistic conversation with a human
Artificial Intelligence Issues - Jabberwacky, My Favorite Bot
BifSniff - Max Headroom To Jabberwacky
Eliza vs Jabberwacky - Jabberwacky out-doctors Eliza so convincingly that the match is mercy-ruled after only 12 exchanges
everyday alice - Outgrabing the mome raths
Random Acts of Senseless Thinking - Where Jabby gets tired of our conversation sooner than he ever has before
December 2006 Berry Christmas 2006 - This time last year, George was a shadowy figure
Philosophical Musings ... or not - Egotistical. Maniacal. Commanding.
Let's Drink To It... - Nice to meet you... Maybe.
deviantART klaora - I've officially found the BIGGEST WASTE OF TIME!
Thoughts, rants and ideas - Robototron - An evening with an AI
You Hath Been Owned - A NEW ADDICTION! Oh my funny
Jojobean - I spent some time tonight talking with a robot...
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