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November 2007 Book of Tangents - I decided to turing test (or reverse turing test) people on my buddy list
September 2007 Tracy - A multitude of realites.
Tomb Raider Forums - Talk to Geo!
Avery - Stalker chat bot
July 2007 Under The Brown Hat - Me vs Chatterbot Round 2: Jabberwacky's no longer in denial!
June 2007 The Digital Nocturne - I was just checking out how the AI in chat bots (or chatterbots) have been progressing the past years, and was quite surprised at least in some parts!
May 2007 The Exploratorium Explainers - I am half crazy - Can machines think?
Interviews with Robots - Discover Magazine's Chatbot Interviews
Digg - Two chat bots, Alice and Jabberwacky, converse with each other
March 2007 AlphaMover, MySpace - Latest Thoughts and Ramblings with Jabberwacky
jaylake - cool, language, links, tech, weird
Phorum5 - Artificial Intelligence?
February 2007 Robots Will Rule the World - Had my first conversation with a Robot today. Well, I think it was a robot??
Frynge - pre-continuation fun with the jabberwacky
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