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September 2004 Gaia Online - Artificial Intelligence and Sentience
Douglain - Eliza talks to Jabberwacky
San Francisco Gothic Message Board - Okay, this cracked me up...
Campaign Creator Forum: Random Stuff - Fun time waster...
August 2004 Eisley Forum - The damned thing just insulted me...
The Zen Within Community - Zen and AI communication technology
Hinnavaatlus Foorum - Longrunning, 16-page forum entry ... in Estonian. Jabberwacky has learnt it. Weblog - An important question
Universist Movement Forum - A.I. with an attitude...
The Faithless Coffeehouse - Talk to the bot
July 2004 Rufus Monk Battles Apathy Weblog - This Is What I Am Doing Instead Of Writing A Blog
Slam - Chat Bots
dead.flag.blues - gathering storm - hal 9000?
Yetispotter Blog - 'Twas Brillig
Time Travel Forum - 6 pages
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