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November 2004 Kitsch Word - What's happening?
October 2004 Odious and Peculiar - Jabberwacky T-Shirts
A musing times - This post was supposed to be posted two minutes earlier than it was!
alt.angst - ...very surreal conversations... - Artificial intelligence still has some way to go
teradrome - How would Battlebots taunt?
All things Spiffy - Maybe I'm just weird...
September 2004 fr3ins - I love lemon pie...
Jasp's Blog - That episode with the giraffe
Maximum Verbosity - I swear, I didn't start out with the intention of impersonating Mr. Spock...
Star Wars Galaxies - What is this?
you've got some explaining to do - An AI is going to write my essay on representation...
The Kymer Clarion - Sunday in New York With Hugh Gene Loebner And The Loebner Prize
Sci Forums - Avatar
ADD Forums - Sorry....I gotta get back to..dusting...
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