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February 2005 Knights of Ni Forums - Need something to talk to?
Mumsnet Talk - Just spent ages talking to this thing before I realised how extraoridnary that I am now talking to a computer...OH MY GOD, what has my life become?
January 2005 Life of a rat - Eerily real conversation, disconcertingly real sometimes
Living you - Still giggling...
Blogpound - The Chatterbox Challenge
Alles Klar - DAS ist Poesie!
guerrilla news network - mad society
Redscape - For those who need a friend
December 2004 darklemuria - A chat with jabberwacky
superPLAY - Prata med en bot
State - I am in italics
Misadventures - Bots in cyberspace
November 2004 Gamespot Journal - words, words, words
GTA Forum - Han snakker Norsk!!
Operation: Reisman - Can't Stop Jabberwackying
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