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June 2005 cubedom blarg - "I want results. Not complications!" *slap*
Coder Cat - An oddly profound conversation with an AI
Armagetron Forums - Tons of fun!
May 2005 Gamezville - Talk to a computer?
I hate it here - What is the first law of Robotics?
Dodo's Message Board - He is smart. He speaks German and other languages.
Westbury Town Forum - Unusual site...
Avid Gamers - Argue Away
paranotte - la revolution des machines
Conspiracy of the month - AI Chat
Paranoia Live - Good Evening, Citizen
The Straight Dope - Jabberwacky fun...
April 2005 yAronet - tres impressionant, un chatbot qui apprend
Unfortunate Events (again) - The Turing Test
Unfortunate Events - Hahaha, just found this out!
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