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March 2009 b bloggin' - link
September 2008 Chattering Teeth - When I want the straight scoop, I talk to George.
June 2008 Jack of Science - Interview with A.I. Chatbot George about A.I.
Poetic madness - I'll open the drawer|2026
Viki - The evolution has begun
May 2008 Space Angels - Spaz Angle: My Conversation with a Chatbot
ashita wa ore wa kyou yori mo big - jabberwacko
April 2008 dichterlijk - Do you worship the bottle?
March 2008 International Exchange for Poetic Invention - Read me a poem
February 2008 My Stately Fishbowl - Chats with Joan
The Unquiet Grave - My Interview with Jabberwacky
dazed_girl - Jabberwacky is Defiant!
December 2007 Doctor Eggman - My chat script with an AI bot
New Scientist Blogs - The Santa you wouldn't take your kids to see
Harry Lagoussis - Graphic Stories - Interview with a chatbot
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