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Chatterbox George, the robot who's fooling everyone, September 4th, 2006

A ROBOT chat machine so life-like many people are fooled into thinking it's human has become the latest internet sensation.

The world's most sophisticated "chatbot" - invented by British scientists - can talk on the internet with hundreds of different people at the same time, but each person has the impression that it is only talking to them.

The Scotsman article:

Chatty George is virtually human , September 4th, 2006

He's 39, single and lives in Battersea but George, above, is a chatbot - a highly sophisticated computer program that can hold an intelligent conversation, complete with gestures and facial expressions. He is also the most human machine in the world, a title he will be defending in London on September 17.

This week George, who learns from every conversation, will be talking to fans, scientists and the media at the BA Festival of Science in Norwich.

The Times article:,,2-2341457,00.html

'Chatty George' talks himself up, September 3rd, 2006

Meet George, 39, single, quirky sense of humour, looking for friends to chat with online.

He's a profound intellect and speaks 40 languages, but is also prone to unwarranted rudeness and his banter can be slightly disjointed.

George is a chat robot, or chatbot, whose descendants may become familiar faces in interactive entertainment systems, his creators claim.

He will star at the British Association Science Festival in Norwich this week.

Full BBC News story:

Jabberwacky reaches the 10,000,000 milestone, August 25th, 2006

A big number! How human does jabberwacky now seem to you in English? A million or two of the entries are in other other languages, of course...

A new version - 11.0, June 12th, 2006

Version 11 of the Jabberwacky AI doesn't look very different at a glance, but introduces some important new features:

- Full Unicode support - any characters in any language. To kickstart teaching in your own language, be it Russian, Japanese or any other, please do make good use of the Correct Me button.

- The ability to Import Text sources to help speed the process of creating Your Bot. You can now work offline, creating dialogue to be added to the AI later - and have no delays while you're typing.

- The chance to Edit everything you personally have taught Your Bot. Make corrections weeks later. Remind yourself what's there.

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