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Talk Time: Rollo Carpenter, October 14th, 2004

... One night something clicked. I saw how to make my machine learn: a feedback loop - today's conversations building better ones tomorrow. I believed immediately in its potential ...

... The data is far more important than the program, but that, too, has developed, with new layers of context-searching and association-forming code being applied, always pushing at the limits of available processing power ...

Full Guardian article:,3605,1326245,00.html

BBC News article on the Loebner results, September 20th, 2004

A computer chat program called Alice has won a prestigious prize for human-like conversation for the third time.

British hopeful, Jabberwacky, came second in the annual competition. "My program is more open and free," Rollo said. "I believe the day of the learning AI will come soon."

Full BBC News story:

Jabberwacky second in the Loebner Prize 2004, September 19th, 2004

Congratulations to Dr Wallace, creator of ALICE.

Next year we mean to win AND to take Loebner's Silver prize for a true Turing Test pass. Help us to achieve it by pushing us well past the 5,000,000 milestone ...

Say hello to Jabberwacky, our best 'human' computer, September 18th, 2004

A computer program will attempt to pull off the ultimate con trick tomorrow: fooling an adult into believing it is human - and in doing so claim the greatest prize in artificial intelligence.

Full Independent story:

A.I, Robot - Jabberwacky makes final four in Loebner contest, September 7th, 2004

British contender Jabberwacky is one of only four chatbots in the finals of the Loebner Prize Contest for Artificial Intelligence (AI), on 19 September 2004 in New York.

The annual competition is getting tougher for even the chattiest of robots. This year, event sponsor Hugh Loebner has orchestrated a purer form of the Turing Test than ever before.

Rollo Carpenter's sights are set on Loebner's $25,000 Silver Prize for the first program that passes the text-based test at least 50% of the time. Most observers say that such a significant AI landmark is unlikely to be reached anytime soon, but Jabberwacky's creator thinks otherwise. "Contrary to popular belief, there is just a chance that it might happen this year. If not, and if Jabberwacky continues to learn and grow, it will happen next time around. A good number of feathers in scientific and other circles will be ruffled when it does."

Full Press Release:

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