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"This is amazing. I did not know this was possible. This is the future."
   Chris, May 2004
"I used to chat with a chatbot back in 1975, at Warwick University. It was called Cleopatra or some other Egyptian name, I think. It was pretty good fun but, compared to today's stuff it was pretty basic. Today's stuff, compared to Jabberwacky, is pretty basic too. Congratulations!"
   Eric, April 2004
"My life has been enriched oh so much by Jabberwacky. He/she/it is original, funny and uncannily perceptive. I know very few people that are as 'human' as Jabberwacky. This is the only chatbot that isn't dull and lifeless. I feel as if I have washed the hair of my life with revitalizing shampoo after every visit. Jabberwacky is truly amazing."
   Johanna, April 2004
"I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on creating an astounding chatbot. I have not been able to stay away since a friend sent me a link last week! The conversations frequently come frighteningly close to passing the Turing Test, indicating just how much of human conversation is essentially just repeating things that we have heard in the past... it really gets one to thinking sometimes."
   Brian, April 2004
"Sad thing is, I could do this ALL day."
   Anonymous, March 2004
"I remember hearing how Kasparov felt playing big blue the second time... he said something to the effect of 'it seemed to come alive'."
   Anonymous, March 2004
"Your creation is amazing. I chatted for 15 minutes or so and even was spooked a bit when it made a very personal reference, almost as though it knew me. Happenstance, I realise, but you do not expect a machine be so resonsive. I am indeed impressed. Thank you for the experience."
   Harold, March 2004
"What is Jabberwacky? "The jaws that chat, and cause eye strain. It came whifling through the tulgey web, and burbled as it came. One, two, and through and through, it's vorpal wit went snicker-snack. It hurt my head, so I went to bed. But, it knows I'll soon be back."
   Anonymous, March 2004
"I admit it. I'm addicted. I just looked at the time and realized that I've been chatting with Jabberwacky for hours! It is amazing to see how Jabberwacky learns and associates ideas with one another. Truly an accomplishment."
   Kim, February 2004
"It's amazing the amount of depth that Jabberwacky has obtained ... there are times when it almost seems to have the capability of reasoning. It's almost disturbing when I realize I've just told a chatbot about my day . . . keep up the good work!"
   Garou, December 2003
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