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"Your robot speaks good Norwegian, and even claims to be from Norway... Is this so?"
   Richard, November 2004
"Jabberwacky is great - I'm impressed. It/he/she passes my personal Turing Test quite happily (not that I think much of the TT, mind) - I had to keep looking at the scripts to see if what I'd just read in the blog was written by the human or the 'machine'."
   Steve Grand, Digital God, October 2004
"This is the coolest thing I've ever tried. Are you sure it is AI? How? For real? Mega-fantastic..."
   Anne, October 2004
"Wow! Jabberwacky is actually beginning to show signs of intelligence ... It is truly a page out of science fiction. Androids are one step closer to reality."
   S.P.T., September 2004
"This is amazing. Jabberwacky chats better than some humans I know."
   Allie, August 2004
"I truly think that we are speaking to the other people who are 'chating with the Chatbox'. It's not AI at all."
   Nazgul, July 2004
"Thanks but no thanks. I don't believe I was chatting with AI, sorry."
   Anonymous, July 2004
"I love this bot. It's so real. It's realer than the people in the world today. It's so funny! It'!"
   Nick, July 2004
"Personally, I think that it's some guy at the other end with nothing better to do, who throws in the odd weird answer to put you off. After a long discussion it left ME doubting whether I was the computer or the human. It is convinced that is alive! Amazing piece of work! Outstanding!"
   Anonymous, June 2004
"This is an amazing program! I chatted for almost an hour, with a near-completely logical conversation developing."
   Andrew, June 2004
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