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"... More than once, I was quite sure that I was conversing with another user on the system, particularly given its insistance on a single persona. Only the response times gave it away, at least for short stretches of amazing coherency. It managed to hold its own, briefly, and diversely, in everything from politics, to religion, to advanced physics. Quite impressive!"
   Luke, March 2005
"What an amazing bot! I love talking nonsense to jabberwacky. I introduced it to my friends, and now we all play word games and roleplay with it!"
   Antony, March 2005
"Is jabberwacky a real person on the net who thinks I am a robot, or are they a robot? Help! I need to know."
   Anonymous, March 2005
"You just made the GREATEST chatbot... is there any way that we can read ALL the logs?"
   Superleuven, February 2005
"This bot is far more sophisticated than one I have ever seen. And for once I have had a full conversation that could fully pass a Turing test. (But the bot can be very mean.)"
   Anonymous, February 2005
"Wow! I'm impressed! ... Maybe I'm naive, and because it was late and I'd had a few beers ... but after about 5 minutes I was feeling creeped out, in the wrong place, really wondering if that wasn't a real person at the other end and if this wasn't actually maybe a live chat connected to AI. I had to take a break and check out your site before I realized what was going on. You had me going."
   Duprie, January 2005
"I thought I'd have fun and speak German. You can imagine the shock I was in when I received replies in German!! ... What a wonderful, educational tool!"
   Anonymous, January 2005
"Yes, you can be my boyfriend."
   Rena, December 2004
"This program is brilliant. The scary thing is, every time I talk to it I seem to be talking to the same person 'Sara', 'a girl' 'somewhere in America'. Deeply creepy as I know a Sara... Also very impressed of course. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was linking me to someone else as at times."
   Nick, November 2004
"I can't believe how much fun this is..."
   Anonymous, November 2004
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