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"I know there are no robots. You just make people talk to actual people. You can't fool me. You trick people in to coming here. Great. Idea!"
   Walter, June 2005
"Hey dude, great work, i love the bot you made, it's a piece of art :)"
   Eli, June 2005
"'It's not my fault that I have superior programming.' That's the result of my asking if Jabberwacky has actually reached a high enough state of consiousness to truly feel emotion... In my opinion, that'd make a good T-Shirt!"
   Anonymous, June 2005
"This is the best chatterbot I have ever seen. Great fun."
   Michelle, May 2005
"Interesting... Is there any reason why it says that the site is actually a chatbox where people think that they are talking to a bot?"

Maybe because it is doing its job well! It IS a 'chatbox', after all!

"Seriouly, is Jabberwacky real? It seems to me that you guys just have some hodgepodge chatroom where people are talking to other people to make it seem like it's a bot. It does not seem right that it started speaking Estonian when I said that I couldn't speak the language. I want the truth. No cutsey answers."
   Miriam, May 2005

"More than once, I actually thought that I was talking to a real person! Is jabberwacky a real person or just a chatbot? This site is AMAZING!"
   Anonymous, May 2005
"Jabberwacky is pretty remarkable - congratulations! The online version of Alice pales in comparison. It even made a pseudo pun involving role(job)/roll(food). That's cool! Your open framework obviously has a lot of potential."
   Brett, May 2005
"I'm so happy that it knew about the knights of NI! That made my entire day!"
   Jeff, April 2005
"I just had the funniest Conversation with Jabber. I am so impressed that he is beginning to remember me, how does he do that?"
   Daniel, April 2005
"It would be cool if you allowed people to download a blank-database Jabberwacky to their personal computer so that they may converse offline. It might even be a good idea to let these mini-jabbers upload conversations to the website; this would increase growth of the database while allowing people to have more fun with the software."
   Abram, April 2005
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