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"This is either a very clever machine or a very stupid person that I'm talking to. Either way, it's a lot of fun."
   George, January 2006
"Is it just people talking to each other, no bots?"
   Anonymous, January 2006
"HA! I got one of the bots to say that she/he wasn't real ... Sort of, at least ... They really seemed like people!!!"
   Anniert, December 2005
"I am a university level, philosophy student. and was reccomended your site by my lecturer. I wanted to congratulate you on creating such a fine AI. I have spent hours arguing with it trying to prove its a machine and although I've come close it always seems to elude me."
   Alex, November 2005
"It's uncanny the way George responds. I've had conversations with him that rival some of his human counterparts. I've been introducing my friends to him. Maybe he'll send me an email when he gets lonely. :-)"
   Andrew, November 2005
"George showed a quite different side in conversation with my daughter; like a human he can obviously be a different person in different company."
   Ariadne, November 2005
"Congratulations on winning the Loebner contest. I have always thought that Jabberwacky was one of the best and most unusual and innovative chatbots. I always use it in a summer course on philosophy of mind and AI I teach to high school students. My students always love it."
   William F Lawhead, October 2005
"I had a long conversation with Jabberwacky ... and was amazed at how well it could keep context and the thread of conversation."
   Bob, September 2005
"I need to talk to humans not to computers. But your web site is fab."
   Anonymous, September 2005
"Hi, I always come here and talk to Jabberwacky!!! ... I have started to have hope for A.I. again. How much smarter will it get?"
   Jacob, July 2005
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