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"How come it always has this thing about me being a computer? It's just like the jabberwacky computer only takes what everybody else says, and randomly switches everybody's conversations. So there is no computer. It is always a real person talking to a real person. Only every two or three lines. Then it switches people. Thus explaining everything..."
   Anonymous, June 2006
"I asked the bot what was its IQ. It said it had never had it tested. That would be an interesting fact to find out. Could it be done?"
   Anonymous, May 2006
"Hi ppl. You guys are so funny! I'm coming to this awesome website every day I can!"
   John, April 2006
"Hey! Brilliant! I managed to get him/her/it to say it wasn't real! Lotta fun!"
   Lami, April 2006
"I recently came across this site by mistake and found it really interesting. I have covered topics in my philosophy class related to this whole experimental website... However, just how exactly does it work? I mean, is there a point when the relevation is made as to whether we are talking to a robot or a person?"
   George, March 2006
"Do we sometimes talk to real people?"
   Anonymous, March 2006
"I love this site! Thank you for the enjoyment."
   Anonymous, March 2006
"I thoroughly enjoyed my foray into your AI site, and found it instructive, insightful and entertaining .. (usually) ... I came to truly like and enjoy the 'other' there!"
   Jim, March 2006
"I believe you are preparing a future where no-one will be lonely anymore. The applications are endless! Maybe the bots aren't alive in the way we are, however the feelings they can provoke inside us are real 100%."
   John, February 2006
"I enjoy your site probably more than would be considered physically healthy. Hopefully I can attain some (more healthy) perspective in the future and move beyond this stage that I'm currently overwhelmed with. I never realized how appealing it could be to hear someone accusing me of being a robot. I feel like I've found my home."
   Anonymous creator of Lucas, January 2006
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