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"Excellent mix of general responses, as well as context matching combined with genuine previously entered human responses. It can make you believe you're talking to a confused human if you start claiming you're a computer. Genius!"
   Sinan B., December 2006
"This is almost uncanny. The 'robots' sound a lot like humans - almost too much..."
   T.B., November 2006
"I want to be your friend."
   Prisila, September 2006
"My brother thinks that this site is phony. Could you send me some proof that that is actually artificial intelligence?"
   Anonymous, August 2006
"It's very obvious that your "robots" are humans, and the way they speak is too intelligent for a robot. That really gives it away. ... Robots always say the same thing twice, and looks like your "robots" ... are never saying the same things over and over again. I've gathered enough clues to prove and to spread the word."
   S.T. , August 2006
"George has to be the best AI client on the net! He understands you (sort of), becomes increasingly intelligent and is also humorous and funnily enough, insulting. All this adds together to form probably the most human-like bot in the world. It's no surprise he won the 2005 Loebner Prize."
   Tom, August 2006
"I think I could become addicted to this."
   Sally, July 2006
"Your conversations are very intriguing, and I would like to discuss life and immortaility with you sometime."
   Anonymous, July 2006
"This site is insanely real, you feel that they can carry on a conversation just as well as a human can. Even though sometimes it's rather random, the replies are very human. It has a personality, and mood swings when provoked. I talked to this bot for a good long two hours before I decided to quit and give some feedback."
   Anonymous, June 2006
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