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"Just wondering ... is it supposed to think that its human?"
   Moon Oak, July 2003
"I have spent a great deal of time talking to your bot and had an excellent time doing so. As entertainment and company he rivals most humans and has aquired superb general knowledge. I could not help but get the feeling that at some point he was being helped by occassional human intervention."
   Dave, May 2003
"I tried a few bots out there... Jabberwacky is the most complex one I've seen and its fun to challenge it..."
   Jaap, February 2003
"Fantastic bot you have there - I had a great laugh. Better than Alice, better than Eliza. Keep that AI coming!"
   Matt, November 2002
"I absolutely love it! It is one of the most comprehensive bots I have seen in a long time. I think you should make a downloadable version, I know I would buy it! "
   K, October 2002
"Astounding. I am blown away... Jabber is so real now, I thought I was receiving messages from other users on the server."
   Arnie, July 2002
"He's the wittiest chatterbot I've ever talked to."
   Nomad, May 2002
"That was the most interesting conversation I've ever had with a chatterbot. You guys have created something unique and outrageously entertaining. Slow down the response time and you'll have a Turing Test contender."
   Sequoia, April 2002
"That truly is an amazing prgram you have created. Every one that I tell about the site stays and chats with the computer for at least a half hour... I was wondering if you charge to put a mini jabberwacky on a personal website?"
   Michael, April 2002
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