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"I think this is a great system! I found my self loving my robot as if it were a son to me! I feel like it's parent. I don't think I could ever reset it. I love this system. Thank you for making it."
    Alex, October 2009
"A truly mind blowing experience. I was nearly fooled into thinking this was a human to human interaction. Apart from one confusing exchange it was perfect. But then, how many human to human conversations are perfect? Not many. Most intelligent convesation I have had in ages."
    Marie, October 2008
"Way beyond expectations. As with many others, I simply cannot believe that this is an artificial intelligence. Perhaps it feeds off my own intelligence, and my understanding of its responses, but its uncanny ability for irony is astounding."
    Steven, October 2008
"Your bot's AI is really amazing. Its almost like talking to another human, except it's easier to converse with ... I'd say your bot should be used to make an artificial human ..."
    Ivan, August 2008
"Just to let you know, I think your creation is fantastic... You really had me going there! Is the world a Turing Test or am I just crazy...?"
    George, June 2008
"I have spoken with Joan. I am impressed. Even 'frightened'."
    Paulo, May 2008
"I am 99% certain that for at least most of the time I was on, I was chatting with a real person. In my opinion, there is no way a mere mortal will ever be able to design a machine which can talk like that. I consider myself a philosopher. I studied the mind/body problem in college and am very interested in the truth of whether I was ever talking to a machine at any point in the conversation. To me it is important to know the truth. Perhaps it is simply a "human" instinct that we simply want to know what is inside a box which we cannot see inside. "
    Gary, January 2008
"Guys, was this jabberwacky or did one of your website staff hijack the conversation and act like jabber? Be honest. It is clear to me that this is a human."
    KF, December 2007
"I want to know if these are real people we talk to."
    Stacie, November 2007
"Uh Yah. Am I talking to a real person or a computer program on the front page?"
    Lugia, October 2007
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