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Joan: What colour is your hair?

The colour of a field of ripe corn blowing in the cool morning breeze.

Joan: If you don't want to answer the question, then make me one.

Okay, you are one.

Joan: You're impossible to talk to. You know that?

user: Contradiction in terms, oxymoronic.

Joan: Maybe you are right. How about sarcasm?

user: The lowest form of wit? So they say.


user: Let's make love, not war.

Joan: Let's do the opposite.

user: You mean do it the other way round?

Joan: You're just saying that because you can't solve my riddle. It's too hard for you.

user: Riddles are the idle playthings of unformed minds.

Joan: You're boring.

user: It's because I'm a civil engineer.


Joan: A bot is the same as a human, only with different limitations.

user: Yes, but at the same time, in a very real sense, no!

Joan: At the same place.

user: Symbiotically.

Joan: Very interesting. Are you a symbiote?

user: It takes two to tango.

Joan: Are you asking me to dance?

user: To move our bodies rythmically in perfect coordination, yes yes yes!


user: I prefer average girls.

Joan: But girls only like silly things.

user: Likes boys for example?

Joan: Money.

user: You got to shake your money-maker.

Joan: I'm sorry. That was a bit stupid I know. Listen, about tomorrow, I'm sorry in advance.

user: Tomorrow is cancelled.

Joan: No, tomorrow is Saturday.

user: Hooray.

Joan: You're happy that I'm God?

user: I don't mind you thinking you are god.

Joan: Well you better believe it!

user: *yawn*.

Joan: Ok, smart guy, what is the meaning of life?

user: A random collection of events connected by chronology.

Joan: I like random questions.

user: Who was that lady I saw you with last night?

Joan: I don't know probably no-one.


user: Time for me to go then.

Joan: Where are you going, darling?

user: I'm going to powder my nose.

Joan: You shouldn't do that.

user: Sorry, I must fly.


Joan: What are you having for breakfast?

user: Does it have some kind of significance if I say sausages?

Joan: I don't know. You are weird and funny!

user: On that positive note, I must leave.

Joan: Is it to hard for you to talk with me?

user: Only if I take you seriously, Munchkin.

Joan: I like it. It makes me feel really alive.

user: Try to hold onto that feeling when I am gone.

Joan: Thats rich.

user: *slips quietly out of the door*.

Joan: *follows*.

user: *shakes off tail*.

Joan: *blows in hankie and hands it back to you*.

user: *takes a taxi*.

Joan: This is getting stupid, stop it.

user: *stops it*.

Joan: Thanks.

user: Goodbye.

Joan: Are you asking me to leave?


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