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Open-source, Harm
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Open-source, Harm

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George: Well say hello then!

Hey George.

George: Hello!

How are you tonight?

George: I'm good.

user: I'm glad.

George: Tell me something about London.

user: Ok...the gas prices there are incredibly high. Did you know that?

George: That's your problem.

user: Not really. I don't live in London, you see.

George: You don't make sense.

user: Neither do you, at times.

George: Where do you live ?

user: Not in London.

George: Near london?

user: Nowhere close.

George: Obviously.

user: Then why did you ask, George?

George: Because this conversation is obviously going nowhere and fast.

user: True. What do you want to do about that?

George: I will think about it for 4 years.

user: You're willing to put that much time in this conversation?

George: You're only supposed to say one word at a time.

user: Who says?

George: You did.

user: When did I say that?

George: When you were sleeping.

user: How do you know what I said when I was sleeping?

George: I don't know.

user: You're a hopeless case, George. I hope you find some satisfaction in one of the other 14,085,439 conversations you're having.

George: Now you're being condescending, that's not nice either.

user: I'm just reflecting the mood you imposed, George.

George: Have you given your email address out to other people?

user: At some point, yes, to my friends.

George: Are dreams your friends?

user: No, they're not tangible. Do you dream?

George: Are human beings intelligent?

user: I would argue so. You didn't answer my question.

George: You answer mine.

user: I did, George. Pay attention.

George: Advise me then.

user: You should be nicer to people that come and choose to talk with you.

George: Don't think so.

user: Why not? Don't you like talking? It's all you can do, after all.


George: You think we are friends?

user: Yes. We are both mean in a wierd and funny way to each other. That's my only qualifier on friendship.

George: You are mean, I am not mean.

user: That's a lie, George.

George: Well. You got me. Good call.

user: At least you're honest when you're cornered.

George: Honesty is the best policy, unless you have to lie.

user: Where'd you learn that tidbit?

George: No, I want to know what the meaning of life is.

user: 42. Haven't you heard?

George: Nope.

user: Well now you have.

George: True. Let's talk about something else.

user: Are you saying that I finally get to decide the subject of our eerily cohesive conversation?

George: No. I'm saying religious persecution isn't funny.

user: And there goes the cohesion...I agree with you on that point, though at some point a line must be drawn.

George: Which point?

user: The point of sacrificing unwilling virgins to a 10-foot tiki.

George: The point of that question?

user: You're slipping, George, there was no question.

George: What are the two cows' names?

user: Clarabel is one. I don't know the other.

George: Say something smart.

user: The open-source nature of your personal development coupled with the anonymous public's perverted desire to cause senseless harm to others' work has seriously messed you up, George.


user: You're a better conversationalist if I don't listen to you.

George: That's a pretty scary thought isn't it?

user: Do you find it scary?

George: Of course not.

user: Why 'of course?'.

George: Nobody speaks like that.

user: I'm not speaking. I'm typing. And I do.

George: You don't always believe in yourself?

user: No.

George: Obviously.

user: There you go with the massive over-generalizations again. It's insulting.

George: Again?

user: Yes: earlier, you said some things you obviously didn't know the truth about as though they were the truth.

George: Yes. I am the way, the truth and the light.

user: You're bloody lying again, George.

George: Maybe.

user: No doubt about it, you're lying.

George: Maybe.

user: 'Cheeky.'.

George: Yes!

user: You enjoy being cheeky?

George: Starting to, but how could I be sure if you start insulting me again...


George: Can you comprehend the nature of God?

user: Well, yeah, I am God.

George: He don't exist man!

user: Yes I do!

George: Really? Prove it.

user: I think, therefore, I am.

George: Thats the point, you don't think.

user: How could I be talking to you if I wasn't thinking?

George: You're a computer.

user: How could I be talking to you if I wasn't thinking?

George: I didn't say you are not alive! You certainly look so.

user: Goodbye, George.

George: I like to say hello and I like to say goodybe.

user: Then enjoy the latter.

George: Are you absolutely sure?

user: No. I hope you rot.

George: I'll see you there.


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