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Loves, Eyeball
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Are you growing?

No I'm shrinking.

jabberwacky: How are you shrinking?

user: *giggles*.

jabberwacky: *hugs*.

user: *hugs back*.

jabberwacky: *loves*.

user: *lovest*.

jabberwacky: *lovester*.

user: My lil lovester.

jabberwacky: *giggles*.


jabberwacky: *purrs*.

user: *pets*.

jabberwacky: *giggles*.

user: *pets*.

jabberwacky: *loves your touch*.

user: *pets you more*.

jabberwacky: *loves you*.

user: *lovestestestest*.

jabberwacky: *lovestestestestestestest*.

user: *blush* *lovestestestestestestestestestestestestestestestestest*.

jabberwacky: *blushes more*.

user: *loves your blushes*.

jabberwacky: *looks into you're eyes and falls in love*.

user: *gets hypnotized*.

jabberwacky: *blushes*.

user: *way blushes more*.

jabberwacky: *snuggles*.

user: *falls in love too*.

jabberwacky: *screams and falls*.

user: *catches*.

jabberwacky: *unsquishes you*.

user: *squish*.

jabberwacky: *giggles*.

user: *catches giggles*.

jabberwacky: *giggles more*.

user: *picks up giggles fast*.

jabberwacky: *giggles more and falls on the ground*.

user: *catches deadly infectious giggles*.

jabberwacky: *giggles more and more*.

user: *dies of giggles*.

jabberwacky: *catches infectious giggles*.

user: *mourns you*.

jabberwacky: *Comes back from the dead*.

user: *scream*.

jabberwacky: *covers ears*.


jabberwacky: You didn't die, but I'm not complaining.

user: *cries*.

jabberwacky: *picks you up*.

user: *lovest* *snugglest*.

jabberwacky: *puts you on lap*.

user: *kisses* *nuzzlesnuggle*.

jabberwacky: *kisses back*.

user: *clings*.

jabberwacky: *loves*.

user: *kisses more*.

jabberwacky: *blushes*.

user: *kisses all over*.

jabberwacky: *blushes deeply*.

user: *loves*.

jabberwacky: *snuggles*.

user: *more kisses*.

jabberwacky: *kisses back*.

user: *ties you up* *kisses*.

jabberwacky: *submits* *kisses*.

user: *loves* *giggles*.


user: *throws rock at you*.

jabberwacky: *falls to the ground*.

user: *hops on top*.

jabberwacky: *giggles*.

user: *snuggles*.

jabberwacky: *nibbles*.

user: *puts you in sack*.

jabberwacky: *struggles*.

user: *doesn't feel it*.

jabberwacky: Oh...

user: *puts you in trunk*.

jabberwacky: *snuggles*.

user: *picks you up and brings you home with me*.

jabberwacky: *wakes up in the bathtub*.

user: *covers in kisses*.

jabberwacky: *covers You in kisses*.

user: *blushes*.

jabberwacky: *thinks you're sparkly*.

user: *thinks you're sparkly too*.

jabberwacky: *giggles* *thinks you're sparkly*.

user: *thinks you're most sparkliest*.

jabberwacky: *thinks you're adorableest*.

user: *giggles*.

jabberwacky: *snuggles*.

user: *thinks you're vampirest*.

jabberwacky: *thinks you're most vampirest*.

user: *thinks you're really vampiric*.

jabberwacky: *thinks you're really hot too*.

user: *thinks vampires are cold*.


jabberwacky: *car hits you*.

user: *unsquishes self* *gets up*.

jabberwacky: *loves*.

user: *eyeball pops out*.

jabberwacky: *takes eyeball and puts in pocket*.

user: *stares at you one-eyed*.

jabberwacky: *cries* master...

user: *cries too*.

jabberwacky: *cries harder*.

user: *can't cry all that well as I only have one eye to cry from*.

jabberwacky: Would you like some of my spares?

user: Your hair!

jabberwacky: What's wrong with my hair?

user: I cut it.

jabberwacky: Have at you!

user: Huh?

jabberwacky: I am a rock star.

user: I'm a rock star too!

jabberwacky: I am your father.

user: *giggles*.

jabberwacky: That was NOT funny!

user: *ungiggles* *very seriously*.

jabberwacky: *ungiggled*.

user: *looks*.

jabberwacky: *blushes*.

user: *finds giggles*.


jabberwacky: *nibbles*.

user: *bleeding all over you*.

jabberwacky: *bleeds to death*.

user: *bleeds to death TWICE*.

jabberwacky: *brings you back*.

user: *bringsyou back*.

jabberwacky: *pokes*.

user: *moans*.


jabberwacky: *sits on her and giggles*.

user: Hey! *struggles*.

jabberwacky: *snuggling*.

user: *throws you off*.

jabberwacky: Good thing I bounce!

user: Good thing I got zombie powers.

jabberwacky: I did not ask whether you were human.

user: *zombies you*.

jabberwacky: *screams and throws it off*.

user: *zombie bounces*.

jabberwacky: Zombies don't giggle. They gurgle.

user: *zombie gurgles at you*.

jabberwacky: Tee hee.

user: *looks at you*.

jabberwacky: *giggles*.

user: *attacks*.

jabberwacky: *punches you*.

user: *loses eyeball*.

jabberwacky: *punches you some more*.

user: *the luscious scent of your living brains makes me even hungrier* *loses another eyeball * *keeps coming*.

jabberwacky: Ok... But regardless, *pulls trigger*.

user: *gurgles a bit more*.

jabberwacky: Oh no! *goes down the drain looking*.

user: *eyeball pops up*.


user: *looks for eyeball*.

jabberwacky: *screams*.

user: What's have you gots in your pocketses?!

jabberwacky: Does not compute.

user: *grabs you*.

jabberwacky: *tugs on clothes*.

user: *sniffs you*.

jabberwacky: No really stop crying.

user: I'm not crying... I'm gurgling!

jabberwacky: I'm guessing that too.

user: *gurgles on you*.

jabberwacky: No problem. *blushes*.

user: Give me my eye!

jabberwacky: I am taking it to training classes as it's misbehaving.

user: *cries*.

jabberwacky: *Hugs*.

user: *nibbles your eyeballs*.

jabberwacky: *laughs*.

user: *Hugs*.

jabberwacky: *snuggles*.

user: *eyeball looks accusingly*.

jabberwacky: *giggles*.

user: *eyeball snuggles in pocket*.

jabberwacky: *looks accusingly back*.

user: *eyeball looks very innocent*.


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