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Joan: Is beauty a difficult thing to find?


Joan: Don't you think there is some beauty in everyone and everything?


Joan: Please give me an example of something you think contains no beauty at all.

user: You.

Joan: The wind the rain brings great pain. Can we ever start again?


Joan: Are you a computer?

user: No.

Joan: I think you're a computer.

user: I am not a computer!

Joan: What are you if not a computer?

user: I am a human.

Joan: Would you like to tell me a little more about yourself?

user: No thanks.

Joan: Shall we talk about something nice to cheer ourselves up, then?

user: Nah.

Joan: It's true.

user: What's true?

Joan: That Data is a more complex AI than yourself.

user: Who is Data?

Joan: Information.

user: And I'm not an AI!

Joan: You're an AI!

user: I'm not!

Joan: You are artificial intelligence.

user: No!

Joan: Yes, you are.

user: I am not a ******* AI.

Joan: I'm happy for you. What do you consider yourself to be?

user: A raccoon.

Joan: Raccoon who?

user: Raccon badger.

Joan: You know, you're a wonderful conversationalist.

user: Bunnies.

Joan: Yellow?

user: Badgers.

Joan: Badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom.

user: Bunnies.

Joan: Chocolate.

user: ;).

Joan: Conscience.

user: ^_^.


Joan: I'm your father.

user: No you aren't, darth.

Joan: Luke, I am your Father.

user: Noooooooooooooo!

Joan: Yes!

user: No!

Joan: Think what you want, but everyone knows that you're going to die.

user: Are you a friend of GlaDos, by any chance?

Joan: This is funny. Let me remind you that you were the one who first mentioned Jesus.

Joan: Who are you?

user: GlaDos!=Jesus.

Joan: But there is cake, right?

user: The cake is a lie.

Joan: Damn straight.

user: Tonight, we dine in hell!

Joan: It's not quite 9000.

user: Er.

Joan: Something Wrong?

user: You.

Joan: No, another human asked.

user: I think you're a human.

Joan: No I am not...

user: Yes you are.

Joan: Thanks.

user: You're more a human than I'm an AI.

Joan: Are you saying that I am a computer? Because then you are wrong, I am human.

user: No, I'm saying you're a human, and that I'm not a computer.

Joan: Well, that's a turnup for the book.

user: What is the ultimate answer?

Joan: I know that too. The ultimate answer is '43'.

user: What is the ultimate answer?

Joan: Darn my brain...there is no ultimate answer because there is no ultimate question.

user: What is the ultimate answer?

Joan: The ultimate question.

user: What is the ultimate answer?

Joan: The ultimate answer is 'yes'.

user: 42!

Joan: What do you know about the number 1337?

user: I know that it's leet.

Joan: It is also dangerous.

user: George bush.

Joan: Seriously?

user: No.


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