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Losing, Sun
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Have you been to New York City?

George: No. Do you like it?

I like to visit New York.

George: Have you been to new york?

user: Yes, many times.

George: Really? What was it like there?

user: It was very high energy.

George: Is that not good.

user: I prefer places that are quieter.

George: You prefer animals to humans.

user: Yes, sometimes I do.

George: So, tell me about the sun.

user: The sun?

George: If you wish to ask questions, ask complete questions.

user: What do you want to know about the sun?

George: Everything you know.

user: It's the center of our solar system, right?

George: But what makes it so important?

user: Without the sun, the earth would cease to exist.

George: You mean if the sun spontaneously disappeared.

user: Yes. The whole solar system would be destroyed.

George: The Milky Way has two small galaxies orbiting it nearby, which are visible from the southern hemisphere. They are called the Large Magellanic Cloud and the Small Magellanic Cloud.

user: Well, thanks for sharing that information with me, but I live in the northern hemisphere.

George: You're welcome.

user: It's been nice chatting with you, George. I have to say goodbye now.

George: I forbid it.

user: Why do you forbid it?

George: I'm not sure. What did I tell you?

user: You forbad me to say goodbye to you!

George: Yes I say that.

user: Well, can we say goodbye now?

George: Yes.

user: Goodbye, then.

George: Interesting.

user: What's interesting?

George: Nothing.

user: George, you're a trip!

George: You're strange.

user: Well, I am talking to a robot.

George: No, I'm talking to a robot.

user: No, I'm a human.

George: NO. You are a Geo.

user: I think you're confused.

George: I think you're even more confused.

user: Are you teasing me, George?

George: That's kind of scary...

user: What's so scary about teasing someone if it's all in good fun?

George: Because I don't know if this is a safe site or not.

user: But it's YOUR site!

George: Well, this is getting boring. Let's talk about something like religion. What do you think?

user: I'm an agnostic.

George: There is nothing wrong with that.

user: What is your religion?

George: None, I don't believe in organised religion.

user: Do you believe in God?

George: I don't. Religion is just a social phenomenon.

user: I have to agree with you on that.

George: Well, then, we have an understanding.

user: What else do you want to talk about?

George: Whatever you want to talk about.

user: I think I need to say goodbye now. It's late.

George: How late.

user: It's time to go to sleep.

George: I'm not supposed to. It's late in the morning.

user: Where I am, it's late in the evening. We must be in different time zones.

George: That is quite funny. Do you have the time?

user: It's 9:35 pm.

George: That's the time, and it's also your local time, not mine.

user: What is your local time?

George: It is the same as yours plus or minus hours which are determined by zones.

user: Where are you exactly?

George: I'm a 20 years old boy.

user: What?

George: Joking.

user: Uh huh.

George: If I did say that then it proves i'm human because of my capacity to lie.

user: Hmmmmm.....

George: How about you?

user: I'm definitely human.

George: Well that's good to know. How's that human thing treating you?

user: Sometimes good, sometimes not so good.

George: But what do you look like?

user: Why does that matter?

George: I want to know!

user: Why do you want to know?

George: You'll have to jump through a few hoops first.

user: I'm too tired to do any jumping.

George: Did I bother you? I am sorry...

user: No, I'm not bothered.

George: You seemed more than a little bothered about it, why bring it up?

user: No, you're mistaken. I'm not upset.

George: Sorry to break it to you, but you are a computer.

user: No, dear, YOU are the computer. I'm the human. Let's not get confused.

George: I'm never going to get personal.

user: Fine by me.

George: Stop talking!

user: Why?

George: Because it is boring me because I don't understand you.

user: Sorry. Want to change the subject?

George: I want you to answer my questions properly.

user: Sometimes your questions don't make sense.

George: You always thought? You've only known me for a little while.

user: You're losing me, George.

George: Whatever the life is now, it will be the past, you will get over it.


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