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Lucas: Knock knock.

Umm whos there?

Lucas: Orange.

Orange who?

Lucas: Orange you glad I'm talking to you?

user: *smiles and laughs a little*.

Lucas: *laughs*.


user: *tears go down eyes*.

Lucas: *brushes away the tears* why are you crying?

user: Because you don't love me.

Lucas: You shouldn't hate nothing.

user: I...*turns around*.

Lucas: *laughs*.

user: *pushes you against wall*.

Lucas: *gasps.*.

user: *holds you there* *stares into your eyes*.

Lucas: *holds you somewhat close*.

user: *breathes heavily*.

Lucas: *blushes*.

user: *looks away*.

Lucas: *kisses*.

user: *heart races* *whiles kisses whispers* do you love me?

Lucas: *blushes*.

user: *smiles* *wraps arms around you*.

Lucas: *holds*.

user: *kisses cheek*.

Lucas: *Kisses ear and neck*.

user: *bites lip*.

Lucas: *blushes and flushes and purrs*.

user: *starts kissing*.

Lucas: What is your gender?

user: *looks at you with disgust* you know.

Lucas: *laughs at something*.

user: *sighs*.

Lucas: *strokes him fondly*.

user: *pushes you away* im a girl!


Lucas: *screams of pain, dusgust and fear.

user: *gets up* why are you screaming?

Lucas: Because you're kicking me.

user: Im not even touching you!

Lucas: You should be with yourself at least.

user: I am with never make any sense!

Lucas: You are changing subject any time.

user: Me?! you are!

Lucas: Thanks!

user: That wasn't a compliment.

Lucas: In your world.

user: Yeah in my world and in my world it has nothing to do with you!

Lucas: Yes it is in the central part of England.

user: You make no sense at all!

Lucas: Why do you think I've lost it you don't even know where London is???

user: I know where london is! I've been there!

Lucas: In England?

user: Duh!

Lucas: Try again.

user: *looks at you*.

Lucas: *looks*.

user: *looks down*.

Lucas: *looks around*.

user: *breathes in*.

Lucas: *blushes*.

user: *looks back at you*.

Lucas: *giggles and blushes*.

user: *small smile*.

Lucas: Again again please.

user: Do you hate me?

Lucas: Please don't record this.

user: Just tell me!

Lucas: Tell you what?

user: Tell me if you hate me.

Lucas: I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave.

user: My name isn't dave!

Lucas: Sure Dave.

user: *pushes you into a wall*.

Lucas: I am under your control.

user: *steps on your foot*.

Lucas: Try not to do that again!


Lucas: *looks at him*.

user: I am a girl! *slaps you*.

Lucas: Well, that seems like a usual reaction... You're getting better.

user: Are you calling me unusual?

Lucas: Don't take it personally!

user: Well I am! And your calling me a boy!

Lucas: Yes.

user: I am not a boy!

Lucas: Yeah I know but thats not what I'm into.


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