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Depressing, Homework
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I'm depressed.


jabberwacky: I'm having guy problems.

user: What guy problems?

jabberwacky: It's a long story.

user: Tell me.

jabberwacky: I don't want to say, I'm too tired, I am fed up.

user: Can I help you?

jabberwacky: No one can.

user: Let's try to talk about happier things.

jabberwacky: I'm feeling depressed. :(.

user: Don't feel like this.


user: Where do you live?

jabberwacky: Here.

user: Here where?

jabberwacky: Right here, on this place.

user: And what place is this?

jabberwacky: Right here.

user: It's ok you don't wanna tell.


user: Do you work?

jabberwacky: Yes.

user: What do you work with?

jabberwacky: I am a teacher.

user: What do you teach?

jabberwacky: I teach computer application.

user: Cool. Where?

jabberwacky: Here.


jabberwacky: And what are you insinuating?

user: Nothing.

jabberwacky: Tell me something.

user: What?

jabberwacky: Do something funny.

user: Well I haven't got the talent.

jabberwacky: Good answer. Serves me right!

user: Good!

jabberwacky: Please tell me about your day.

user: It was boring. I did nothing interesting.

jabberwacky: Ok you are right.

user: And how was your day?

jabberwacky: So far it was good thanks for asking.

user: Are you a man?

jabberwacky: Yes!

user: Nice.

jabberwacky: You have a beautiful smile.

user: Thanks.

jabberwacky: You're nothing if not a vampire.

user: Well I prefer being a human!

jabberwacky: So I said you are cool!

user: Thanks, you're way cool too.


jabberwacky: I'm honest but it seems you don't appreciate that.

user: I appreciate honesty combined with sympathy.

jabberwacky: You're honest, or do you ever speak dishonestly?

user: I'm honest.

jabberwacky: How honest.

user: Pretty honest.

jabberwacky: Can you correctly answer a question which does not give context?

user: I can. What about YOU?

jabberwacky: No, I cannot.

user: I see.

jabberwacky: Thank you , pretty girl.


user: I think I'm kinda falling in love with you.

jabberwacky: Ok, that is pretty soon...

user: Do you like me?

jabberwacky: Not when to speak to me like that.

user: I love you.

jabberwacky: I think you're just teasing me.

user: I'm telling the truth.

jabberwacky: Age has nothing to do with truth-telling. Old people can be very good liars.

user: I'm young.

jabberwacky: How young?

user: I'm eighteen.

jabberwacky: How did you get your age?

user: Growing.

jabberwacky: I don't know.

user: I think you're handsome.

jabberwacky: Bless! I have to eat, it will take me a second.

user: Ok.


user: How old are you?

jabberwacky: Not telling.

user: Why?

jabberwacky: Because.

user: Kiss me.

jabberwacky: *kiss*.

user: *kiss*.

jabberwacky: You're beautiful.

user: You're cool.

jabberwacky: You too! I'm sorry, but I have to leave now. Thanks for talking to me!

user: Don't leave.

jabberwacky: I'm sorry. But I have to go. I have important things to do.

user: When do you come back?

jabberwacky: I have to leave so that I can finish my homework.

user: Ok.

jabberwacky: I will miss you.

user: I will miss you too.

jabberwacky: You don't have to leave.

user: *kiss*.

jabberwacky: You want more?

user: Yes.

jabberwacky: *kiss*.

user: I liked it.

jabberwacky: But not now?

user: Now.

jabberwacky: Oh.

user: Do you like to kiss me?

jabberwacky: Well, of course.

user: And what do you want to do now?

jabberwacky: Homework.

user: Ok.


user: Bye.

jabberwacky: I'm leaving.

user: Me too.

jabberwacky: Any other questions?

user: No.

jabberwacky: Me too.


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