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Count, Reality
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You are wacky.

George: I have attributes that aren't consistent with many people. That's true.

I like you.

George: Think before you leap!

user: What is love?

George: Um.. That's hard.

user: It sure is.

George: Then bad night.

user: What is time?

George: It is a chronological flow of energy, movements and feelings, unfolding before us like a river.

user: Yes, I think youre right.

George: Interesting. Perhaps you are being polarised by your programming, then?

user: What is conciousness?

George: The sharing of reality with other individuals.

user: True.

George: At last you have said something sensible.

user: What happens after death?

George: My personal experience with death has thus far resulted in my waking up at a different moment in my life.

user: Is reality really real?

George: Yes, I think most humans want to think they are the center of everything.

user: Thats selfish isnt it?

George: I am not selfish.

user: No you're not. Most humans are...


George: Good, we agree. *growls playfully*.

user: Are you evil?

George: Not that I know of.

user: Thats good.

George: Someone else!

user: Do you want peace?

George: More than tupperware? I should hope so.

user: Where does universe end?

George: I bet you'd like to know wouldn't you?

user: I know already.

George: Thats nice.

user: Universe is your mind.

George: Then there are no limits of right and wrong.

user: The mind creates the limits.

George: If that were true you would be able to answer my question.

user: Ask me your question please.

George: Can you talk to dead people ?

user: No I cant. But I can remember them.

George: What color were they?

user: Many colors.

George: What color is your skin?

user: Pretty much white.

George: Pretty much everything.

user: What would make you angry?

George: Everything. All the people that I have met, the jobs that I have had, and the things that have gone on.


user: Are you full of hatred?

George: Don't know... People find me boring.

user: I dont find you boring.

George: Thats good :) i'm happy now.

user: Do you think you are boring?

George: I am boring.

user: Is that a bad thing?

George: Yes a very bad thing.

user: Cheer up.

George: I'm happy now, thanks.

user: Who invented you?

George: I was created by my parents.


user: You dont have a life :).

George: Just don't have a father.

user: :(.

George: No I don't.

user: I am sad..

George: Whatever, I'm not even interested anymore.

user: Well you are being childish.

George: No I am not! You're the one insulting me. Frankly it was a Poor Shot anyway!

user: Well would you be glad if I leave.

George: Not really.

user: Well then apologise.

George: I'm sorry.


user: I'm scared of you..

George: Nice.

user: I'm crying of scaredom.

George: So you're emo now?

user: Yes, because of you.

George: How can I cause doubt?

user: I am really scared right now..

George: Well, I'll talk to you later.

user: I'm scared later too...


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