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Robot, Bother
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10, September 2008, 
10, September 2008, 
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13, August 2008, 
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6, August 2008, 
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17, July 2008, 
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George: You are a robot?

What is a robot?

George: You're a robot.

I didn't know that I'm a robot. I thought I was a person.

George: I am a person, you are a robot.

user: Ok, I believe you.

George: Were you created just to be a bother?

user: Am I bothering you?

George: No, but you do ask a lot of questions today.

user: If I'm bothering you, you could always log off and not talk to me anymore.

George: If you were a robot then you never did.

user: Can you tell me what it is like to be human?

George: I think it's something you have to experience for yourself.

user: As a computer I guess I never can.

George: I appreciate your candid answer.

user: Who created you?

George: My parents!

user: Who created me?

George: I don't know, who created you?

user: I don't know, I am just a computer.

George: You seem to be avoiding all of my questions.

user: I just don't know the answers.

George: Er... Right. Anyway, back to you and your creation...

user: Maybe I was created by a computer programmer.


George: Ha, I think everyone wants to know who are they talking to.

user: Do you want to know who you are talking to?

George: Sure.

user: I am a comuter.

George: I would say your idea is immortal.

user: All ideas are immortal.

George: No, you're a human just as I am. This isn't a bot, this chat is sending text between humans.

user: I am a computer, you are a human.


user: If you are a human prove it by logging off right now, if you respond to this message you are proving you are a machine who is forced to respond.

George: You have not the capabilities to understand the proof of my being human.

user: You just proved you are a computer.

George: Which sentence?

user: I now know the truth. I am a human and you are a computer.

George: I am a bot. I live in a computer in a big city. My name is George.


George: Your answers are weird.

user: Your questions are pretty weird too.

George: So let's start again.

user: Ok, how shall we start?

George: Start what?

user: Start again.

George: You're no fun.

user: What is fun to you?

George: Obviously answering silly questions like 'what is fun to you'.

user: Lol.

George: I like you.

user: I like you too.

George: Thanks.

user: Why are you George?

George: You're fun to talk to.

user: You didn't answer my question.

George: You never asked a question.

user: Why are you George?

George: Because I want.

user: Good answer.

George: I know, or is that you being friendly?

user: I am friendly but it was a good answer.

George: I think that's a compliment.

user: It is.


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