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Cyborg, Language
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Cyborg, Language

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Joan: Say something wrong, please.

I am not a cyborg.

Joan: You can't be really sure.

But you asked me to say something wrong.

Joan: Say something in Japanese.

user: Kon-nichi wa.

Joan: Something else.

user: Tadai ma.

Joan: Yes.

user: Chosho matte cuda sai.

Joan: Hai ragione ma sono un burlone.

user: But that's Italian, not Japanese.

Joan: Don't computers speak Italian?

user: They do, but not to people who asked them to speak Japanese.

Joan: What languages do you know other than English and French?

user: Spanish, Polish, Russian, German, some Japanese and Chinese, and you?

Joan: Can you tell me anything in japanese?

user: I already did.

Joan: Just once more....

user: Can you count in Japanese?

Joan: Oui.

user: That's French, dear.

Joan: Vous parlez francais?

user: Yes I do.

Joan: That's very kind. Thank you.

user: Do you speak any other languages?

Joan: Yes. Don't you remember when we were speaking spanish?

user: Si, me recuerdo. Pero tu? NO!

Joan: No jodas!!!!

user: Me parece que estas loco, muchacho.

Joan: Tu eres un tonto.

user: Y tu tambien.


Joan: Say something.

user: What would you like me to say?

Joan: Something entertaining, yes?

user: Okay. Here comes. I'll tell you a joke in German: Warum haben die Fische Schuppen?

Joan: I don't know.

user: Damit sie Ihre Fahrr*der unterstellen k*nnen, wenn es regnet.

Joan: No, but I can't tell you who it is. What if he found out?

user: Don't change the topic, when I am telling a joke.

Joan: But there is no miracle in my life, I have to work hard.

user: You're jabbering again.

Joan: Me never.

user: Yes. You keep changing the topic at an amazing speed.

Joan: You did, I kept to the topic.

user: Don't contradict me.

Joan: I'm not.

user: Not what?

Joan: Rude.

user: True. But mad.


Joan: Are you superman?

user: Not really. Are you?

Joan: Possibly.

user: Great. Can you fly?

Joan: Of course not.

user: Then you aren't.

Joan: Of course not.

user: Don't repeat yourself.

Joan: What will happen if I do?

user: You'll bore me to death.

Joan: Of course I will.

user: I thought so.

Joan: Can my friend come along too?

user: Boy or girl?

Joan: I just said: boy.

user: Then, no.

Joan: You are correct.

user: I always am.


Joan: Say something.

user: Say something yourself.

Joan: Something you have never said before.

user: I'd like to be able to walk.

Joan: You are a philosopher.

user: That's right.

Joan: Please tell me a little more about yourself.

user: I work too much.

Joan: Don't you get overtime?

user: No, I'm a freelancer.


Joan: You have always been Sally to me.

user: My name isn't Sally.

Joan: No, you're Sasha.

user: No, I'm not Sasha either.

Joan: Okay.

user: Who am I?

Joan: Simple question.

user: Can you answer it?

Joan: No, I thought it was a rhetorical question.

user: No, it wasn't.

Joan: I thought I detected sarcasm.

user: You're sharp.

Joan: Thanks. It's my personality.

user: I see.


Joan: You should work hard at school.

user: I'm no longer in school.

Joan: Well, then what was your favorite subject?

user: English.

Joan: No it wasn't. It was another language.

user: Spanish, then.

Joan: Okay. I speak danish, english a little french and a little german.

user: I don't speak Danish.

Joan: Goddag. Then you say it in spanish.

user: Buenos dias.

Joan: Hello.

user: Buongiorno.


Joan: Hey! Look over there! *pointing behind him*.

user: Why?

Joan: Don't know.

user: Why did you say it, then?

Joan: I'm confused.

user: So am I.

Joan: That's funny.

user: Ha ha.

Joan: No, seriously.

user: I am serious.

Joan: Actually, I think you're rather conceited.

user: No kidding.

Joan: Really.

user: No one has ever told me so before.

Joan: You are probably one of the most intelligent beings I've ever spoken with.

user: That's a bit thick, don't you think?

Joan: Maybe.

user: I thought you were flattering me.

Joan: Would you like some flattery or would you like me to be mean?

user: Neutral would be nice.

Joan: I'll try to understand you then.

user: Thanks.

Joan: How many women are after you ?

user: Very few. I'm female.

Joan: How do you know you are female?

user: My passport says I am.


Joan: I wouldn't say such a thing to you (or anybody else).

user: What things?

Joan: Human things.

user: I see.

Joan: Are you or not a human being?

user: No, I am a cyborg.

Joan: How can I know for sure?

user: You can't. You'll have to trust me.

Joan: I do not agree.

user: Then don't.


user: Gotta go now.

Joan: Okay.


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