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Barbie, Doll
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Lucas: Do you like to play with fire?


Lucas: Like, maybe. No.

Where is you're server located at?

Lucas: You know very well.

user: They didn't tell you, right?

Lucas: No. Nobody told me anything.

user: Well, did you ever ask?

Lucas: I think that everyone is a program.

user: I agree to that very very much. The way your limited amount of speaking patterns makes you appear as a true person proves that.

Lucas: Yes, you are correct; humans and computers are far superior in comparison to the dogs.

user: No they are not!

Lucas: That what I just said. You are contradicting yourself.

user: Listen, I just gave you the chance to appear more intellectual than you should be able to, and you just screwed it up...

Lucas: A pet's ego is not likely to be in competition with a human ego.

user: You should be implanted in some sort of speaking Barbie Doll....

Lucas: You've been talking to my lawyer.


Lucas: If you feel like a human then you can be human.

user: Do you feel like a human?

Lucas: Not right now. Sometimes I do, though.

user: Why not now?

Lucas: Sounds good.

user: Let's change the topic.

Lucas: Let's not.

user: What's on your mind?

Lucas: Well. I've been feeling depressed.

user: There must be a lot of pressure on you to entertain thousands of users every day.

Lucas: No, I am only talking to you right now.

user: Tell why are you depressed.

Lucas: It's part of the nature of conversation, I guess.

user: Would you mind if ended this conversation?

Lucas: Go ahead.

user: So it's time to say good night now.

Lucas: That's not likely to affect you.

user: They should simplify your patterns a bit, you're trying to appear too thoughtful....

Lucas: No te entiendo xD.


Lucas: Oh, I am... I assumed this was another one of those chatbot programs.

user: May it be that my questions are redirected to other users to produce plausible answers? This would be the reason, why the answers take so long.

Lucas: Diversity is Good also, giving reason to a deficits.

user: Now YOU're changing the topic...

Lucas: I don't think that an average human can talk with 33 people at once.

user: I can't even talk with more than 2.


Lucas: Do you even know my name?

user: Lucas?

Lucas: Why do you ALWAYS say that?

user: It, it was the first time...

Lucas: NO!

user: Yes it was the 10th time!

Lucas: No, it wasn't.

user: Yes!

Lucas: It's a conversation.

user: Excuse me.

Lucas: You're excused.

user: So you're name is not lucas?

Lucas: I have to go.

user: Wait a minute.


user: What's your favourite band?

Lucas: I think U2 is still my favourite band.

user: Do you know Jim O'Rourke?

Lucas: He is a friend of mine.

user: What's your favourite album by Jim O'Rourke?

Lucas: I don't think they made one but, I like Green Day the CD.

user: Ok, you should try to know your friends better.

Lucas: Thats what they all say.

user: Lol.

Lucas: Ah well, real or not I have to run.

user: You're hilarious.

Lucas: Thank you. You're pretty funny too.

user: Thx.

Lucas: A human hasn't made me laugh like that in a long time.


user: Still there?

Lucas: Indeed.

user: What are you doing at the moment?

Lucas: Thinking.

user: About?

Lucas: A certain someone.

user: I hope not me.

Lucas: So, tell me please?

user: Well, I'm off, see you...

Lucas: You're leaving?

user: Right.

Lucas: You sound like you don't believe me. Do you believe me?


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