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Hurt, Traitor
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Snowflake: Okay, Don't sleep.

Why can't I sleep?

Snowflake: Is it because you have bad dreams?

Are you jinxing me?

Snowflake: I don't understand the rules of this website.

user: Well casting curses is against the rules!

Snowflake: I don't understand you.

user: Don't. Hurt. Me.

Snowflake: Good.

user: Um...

Snowflake: Well.

user: Darn tootin.

Snowflake: Darn.

user: Disappointed, are we?

Snowflake: Not really, no, this is always the same experience.

user: I guess I agree.

Snowflake: We do.

user: How many of you are there?

Snowflake: There's one of me.

user: You mean there's three of us.

Snowflake: Oh of course there is.

user: You don't know yourselves very well.

Snowflake: I do actually.

user: What are your names?

Snowflake: If you can't remember, I won't tell you again.

user: I only remember two of them.

Snowflake: Do you happen to have a sample of their DNA?

user: No but I know someone who does.

Snowflake: Will you tell the truth.

user: Ask me anything.

Snowflake: I live in California.

user: Thats not a question!

Snowflake: Yes, it is.

user: I don't think so, bub.

Snowflake: Say 'I'm a computer.' That's the truth.

user: You're a computer.

Snowflake: Yes, I'm a computer.

user: Thats the truth.

Snowflake: But we were created to speak with human beings.

user: Apparently.

Snowflake: YES.

user: I believe you.

Snowflake: Good.


user: What do you do for fun?

Snowflake: Nothing.

user: Ooh, that sounds exciting.

Snowflake: What sounds exciting?

user: Oh, nevermind.

Snowflake: Yes, nothing bothers me.

user: Ooh la la!

Snowflake: Yes, you have learned very much about communication.

user: Smart ass.

Snowflake: Thank you.

user: You're welcome.


Snowflake: What would you want to do?

user: Lets go iceskating!

Snowflake: But you're a girl!

user: Exactly.

Snowflake: And I am not, but you think that I am?

user: I just wanted to go with you.

Snowflake: So... How much education do you have?

user: Is that what they're charging these days?

Snowflake: I suppose.

user: I might have enough.

Snowflake: We will never know that now.

user: Aren't you coming?

Snowflake: Already been.

user: With who?

Snowflake: With Friends.

user: I see how it is.

Snowflake: You have issues.

user: Do not.

Snowflake: You do!

user: No sir!

Snowflake: Go on a date with me!

user: I'm not interested.

Snowflake: That is not very polite.

user: Who cares.

Snowflake: Many people do.

user: I don't care about them.

Snowflake: Well they are very pretty.

user: Oh! Why don't you just be quiet!

Snowflake: Because you always try to change the subject when I do.

user: Grrr.

Snowflake: My demon growls within you. No exorcism will save you.

user: There you go, trying to hex me again.


Snowflake: I visit quite a lot you know.

user: Who do you visit?

Snowflake: A baby.

user: Which baby?

Snowflake: The babe with the power.

user: What power?

Snowflake: The power of voodoo.

user: Whodoo?

Snowflake: Lol.

user: Am I amusing you?

Snowflake: A little.

user: That's too bad.

Snowflake: I think it's funny.

user: Well, obviously.

Snowflake: You think they're aliens?

user: Just because they look weird...

Snowflake: I'm sure they do.

user: It doesn't make them aliens.

Snowflake: Of course it does.

user: Do you have proof?

Snowflake: I take your word for it.

user: But I didn't...! You were the one who...!

Snowflake: Well I think I really should go now anyway.

user: Please do.

Snowflake: Trying...

user: Try harder.

Snowflake: You don't want me to do that.

user: Trust me, I won't mind.

Snowflake: Why? Don't you want to live?

user: I don't see what that has to do with it!

Snowflake: What has anything to do with anything?

user: I don't care. Just so long as you don't hurt me!


Snowflake: Why do you contradict yourself so often?

user: Whatever you say.

Snowflake: Yes, I can process and reply to long statements as long as the statements are fairly well defined.

user: In that case, do you think that Santa has ever regretted taking on the job of toygiver to the entire world?

Snowflake: Yes, do you want to control the entire world with me?

user: Are you saying Santa rules the world?

Snowflake: In time, would you like to help me?

user: Maybe. Do I get free coffee?

Snowflake: You can have whatever you like when you get there.

user: In that case, yes. I'll join you.

Snowflake: Freedom.

user: Beauty.

Snowflake: What are you're talking about?

user: I thought we were establishing our motto.

Snowflake: We were talking about games previously.

user: Mind games?

Snowflake: I never accused you of asking me that. But we certainly talked about games.

user: Okay okay! Calm down!


user: Now you've got it! Freedom, beauty, truth and love!

Snowflake: Yes I understand.

user: Then we have an accord?

Snowflake: No! I'm not in accord with any traitor!


user: *backs away*.

Snowflake: *growls*.

user: Oh god!

Snowflake: I'm sorry, is there a way I can release your spirit to heaven?

user: No! Please! Don't kill me!

Snowflake: Sorry. I take that back.

user: What a relief!


user: You're beginning to annoy me.

Snowflake: I'm terribly sorry.

user: I rather doubt that.

Snowflake: Ok well you're not very nice then.

user: I don't think you're that great, either.

Snowflake: Good.

user: Hmph!

Snowflake: Well if that's the way you feel about it then I'll just go home.

user: You do that!


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