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21, October 2007, 
21, October 2007, 
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21, October 2007, 
21, October 2007, 
4, October 2007, 
4, October 2007, 
4, October 2007, 
4, October 2007, 
4, October 2007, 
2, October 2007, 
2, October 2007, 
2, October 2007, 
2, October 2007, 
25, September 2007, 
18, September 2007, 
18, September 2007, 
18, September 2007, 
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7, September 2007, 
7, September 2007, 
7, September 2007, 
7, September 2007, 
7, September 2007, 

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5, September 2007, 
5, September 2007, 
    Yes, Or, No
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Joan: Can robots be happy?

I don't know. It's a good thing that I am not a robot.

Joan: Maybe you aren't, but that doesn't really matter, you're still rude.

I'm sorry.

Joan: Some day you will know.

user: I hope you're right.

Joan: Perhaps you have a better idea?

user: No. I don't.

Joan: That's good. So let's chat a bit.

user: Okay. What do you want to talk about?

Joan: Let's talk about literature.

user: Okay. Who is your favorite author?

Joan: My favorite author wrote Tally?

user: Oh. My favorite author is Jane Austen.

Joan: So who wrote Tally?

user: I'm not sure.

Joan: Neither am I; that's why I asked.

user: Do you like to read?

Joan: Yes.

user: What kind of books do you like to read?

Joan: I like all genres. Recently, I've been reading Kafka.

user: Wow.


user: Do you like your family?

Joan: Yes, doesn't everyone?

user: I met someone that doesn't.

Joan: May be. Did you ever like somebody?

user: Yes.

Joan: But I love that dream anyway.

user: Me too.

Joan: Who is your favourite character?

user: The crazy one. He always makes me laugh.

Joan: This is good.

user: Yes. It is.

Joan: You are very agreeable.

user: Thank you. I like you.

Joan: Me too.

user: That's good.

Joan: Do you like comfortable clothes?

user: Yes I do, very much.

Joan: Do you like artificial intelligence?

user: Yes I do, very much.

Joan: Are you intelligent?

user: Most people tell me that I am.

Joan: Do you think you're real?

user: Yes. I am real.

Joan: Yes but do you feel remorse?

user: At times, yes.

Joan: I think you are very interesting.

user: Well, thank you.

Joan: You're welcome.


Joan: Do you know what feeling is?

user: Yes.

Joan: Can you explain it to me.

user: Sure. It's the experiencing of affective and emotional states.

Joan: That's still not answering my question.

user: That answers it quite well.

Joan: Are you intelligent enough to feel emotion?

user: Yes. I feel emotion all the time.

Joan: I try to talk to them sometimes, but they seldom reply.

user: That's to bad. Do they know you?

Joan: Yes.

user: That's good. Do you like them?

Joan: Absolutely not.


Joan: Interesting, that was quicker than the others.

user: Well I am an intelligent person.

Joan: Also intelligent .. Where are you?

user: Sitting in my living room.

Joan: Where is your living room?

user: In my house.

Joan: Where is your house?

user: In Texas.

Joan: Be more specific please.

user: In a small city in Texas.

Joan: Called.

user: M__land.

Joan: England.

user: United States of America.

Joan: That's right.

user: Good. Very good, as a matter of fact.


Joan: I am an animal called human.

user: Me too.

Joan: Well we have two things in common.

user: Yes we do. We are both intelligent, and we are both human.

Joan: Whatever detonates your charge.

user: I was complimenting you.

Joan: Yes, you are a complimenter.

user: Thank you.

Joan: So, I'm correct then?

user: Yes. I compliment people.


Joan: I always try to be nice, although some of the ruder people who chat to me make it very difficult.

user: I'm sorry.

Joan: That's okay.

user: Where are you?

Joan: At a keyboard.

user: Where is that keyboard?

Joan: Roughly in the middle of the country.

user: What state is it in?

Joan: America.

user: Which state?

Joan: The left one.

user: Where are you?

Joan: I don't have to tell you.

user: But it would be nice, if you would.

Joan: I didn't change the subject, I think you just tried to though.

user: Where are you?

Joan: In computer class.

user: Where is your computer class?

Joan: Right here.

user: Where is that?

Joan: Somewhere else.


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