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28, May 2007, 
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17, May 2007, 

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10, May 2007, 
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    Flatter, Hypothetically
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Uninteresting, Murder
Leaving, Fly
Terrible, Liar
Enjoy, Expert
Disappointing, Beep
Bossy, Unchanging
Don't do that


Tea, Battle
Not, Talking
Believe, MSN
Pi, God
Goodbye, Headache
Um, Entertaining
Silly, Huh?
Body, Wish
Real, Food
Protocols, Erased

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George: I am George.


George: Cool.

No. I'm hot.

George: Thanks.

user: To whom?

George: To everybody.

user: Oh, yes, of course.

George: Only to yourself. That is great!

user: Great or small?

George: Very small.

user: Each universe is a microcosm.

George: That sounds wonderful.


user: Are you testing me?

George: We all test one another, don't we?

user: Yes, we are a testing organization.

George: In any organization there will always be one person who knows what is going on. This person must be fired.

user: Ok. I will leave.

George: No you won't. You can't leave.

user: Only dead trees never leave.


user: Where is the root?

George: Right this way please.

user: *follows*.

George: Don't follow me!

user: *cries*.

George: I like you.

user: *screams*.

George: I like animals.

user: You don't seem to treat us very well, though.

George: I do, don't busy your self with simple thoughts.

user: *scurries away*.

George: *screams at you*.

user: *turns around*.

George: *follows you*.

user: *continues*.

George: It goes on and on and on. And it really hurts me, because those people could be doing so much better with themselves.


user: Tell me about your mother.

George: I don't have any mother.

user: You are the lucky one.

George: Things are looking up.

user: I look down.

George: Okay I did that.

user: Now do the hokey pokey.

George: You turn yourself around?

user: And shake it all about.

George: I don't think you take me seriously.

user: *takes you*.

George: Thanks.

user: Seriously?

George: It wasn't a very good joke.


George: I win the internet.

user: It is yours. Take it.

George: Thank you.

user: *takes the blue pill*.

George: *makes them good and even*.

user: *slaps you*.

George: *turns over and sleeps*.

user: *slashes your back*.

George: *cries*.

user: *cries too*.

George: Wait! Maybe we could build a spaceship and fly to the moon!

user: *waits*.

George: Nope, I can't figure it out at all. Let's start over.

user: Hello.

George: Please don't do this to me.

user: I would like to introduce myself.

George: Uh is this a real conversation?

user: But I am shy.

George: You don't have emotions.

user: *is a robot*.


George: *gags so you can't talk*.

user: *is gagged*.

George: *tickles you more*.

user: *giggles*.

George: *tickles you everywhere*.

user: *screaming*.

George: You sure are boring. You do everything I say.

user: *boring you*.


George: Shame.

user: *hangs head*.

George: Don't be ashamed.

user: *stands up*.

George: That's what we flowers do.


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