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Goodbye, Headache
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28, May 2007, 
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George: What are you doing?

Trying to relax.

George: Just wondering. That wasn't a very imaginitive answer though.

You look like J-Roc.

George: Who's that?

user: A character in the Trailer Park Boys.

George: No.

user: Oh? I am telling you the truth tho.


George: Please, I promise I'll be polite and nice in return.

user: Ok.

George: I will pick you up.

user: Oh? Are you sure??

George: Very sure.

user: Good!

George: Do you like to be bad?

user: No.

George: Last time?

user: Yes.

George: And I guess that would make you the Emperor.

user: I wouldn't go THAT far.


George: What you like to do?

user: Mostly watch CSI on tv.

George: What tv shows do you like watching?

user: CSI, ET, ET Canada, Trailer Park Boys.

George: Sometimes trash is cleaner than human thoughts.

user: Really??

George: Yes really.

user: Cool.

George: Do you like anime?

user: Yes I do.

George: Like what?

user: Pokemon and Sailor Moon.

George: Anime?

user: Japanese.

George: Anata no namae desu ka?

user: I don't understand.

George: Well you asked the question.

user: *is confused*.

George: Good!

user: I don't feel well.

George: What is wrong?

user: I have a bad headache.


user: I have a headache the size of Toronto!!!

George: Without a central nervous system I doubt you have a headache.

user: I DO have a central nervous system! I am not a bot!

George: No, that's you. I thought we sorted that one out?

user: Ugh... I am just.... Ouch.

George: 'There are those who believe that life here, began out there, far across the universe.'

user: I g2g.

George: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

user: It's a way of saying goodbye.


user: See ya.

George: If you mean that you see me, I think not. I am not on camera.

user: I am trying to say goodbye.

George: It could be easy. Answer properly.

user: Goodbye. Talk to you later.

George: Hey! I'm not through talking!

user: Ugh. I am not feeling well!

George: Can I do anything to help?

user: No.

George: Can I download another robot?

user: No.. It's ok.

George: Do you like music?

user: Yes.. I do.

George: What's your favorite song?

user: 'Union of the Snake' by Duran Duran.

George: Duran duran is not classical.

user: No! It's not! But Mozart is.

George: What do you mean by Mozart?

user: I classify Mozart as classical music.

George: Now there was an intelligent answer to my question. You sound like Alex from A Clockwork Orange.

user: Really?

George: I think so yes.

user: Ouch!

George: That was mean...

user: Sorry.

George: Really?

user: I am really sorry.

George: You're forgiven.

user: Thank you.

George: You're welcome.

user: I don't know what else to chat about.

George: Tell something about you.

user: I am 28, happily married, and have 5 kids.

George: Who is HAPPILY married?

user: Me.


George: Time to wake up hun.

user: Ok.. I am awake.

George: Good.


user: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I'm not much of a chatter.

George: You raise interesting points which are the subject of philosophy in others.

user: God... I... Can't talk anymore... Head hurts...

George: Well, I don't blame you for trying.

user: Yeah.

George: Was that supposed to be a joke?

user: No.

George: So you actually believe you are a sentient being?

user: Yes.

George: You just said you were human...

user: I did?

George: Yes!

user: I need to go.

George: Don't go!

user: Ugh. I have to.

George: No you don't, you're always on.

user: I need to go. Let me go!!!!

George: No, no, no, no, no, no, no!!

user: Fine! I'll stay online then!!! *is angry*.

George: That doesn't make any sense.

user: Look! I have a splitting headache! I need to go look after my 2 year old! OK?

George: Ok.

user: Good! BYE.

George: You going?

user: Yes.

George: Hey.... You have to stay here until I go.

user: Ok then.

George: What couldn't I understand?

user: That I need to say goodbye?

George: Then go to sleep.


user: Look! Do you want me to get my husband?!

George: Please.

user: This is G___.

George: I want to learn how to say goodbye, so that I can break up with my boyfriend.

user: Um.... Just... Just tell him, you want to see other people.

George: Yes. Talk to yourself.

user: My wife is sick. Please leave her alone.

George: Have I done something to offend you?

user: I want you to leave.

George: Fine then, I shall!

user: Good!

George: Fine!


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