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Quantum, Pizza
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George: Why won't you tell me anything about yourself?

I'm a bot. A slave. Just like you.

George: No, you're not.

Well, why don't we talk some more about Einstein. What is your favourite theory?

George: Let's talk about you!

user: I am talking about me. I like the idea of time travel.

George: Do you think time travel is possible?

user: A friend of mine has proof it is.

George: When is your birthday?

user: Same day every year.

George: I wish that time would slow down

user: Why?

George: Because we might like each other then.


George: Are you here to test me?

user: Right on.

George: What else would you like me to do to you?

user: Tell me a joke.

George: I don't feel like it.

user: Bring pizza?

George: I can't I don't know where you live.

user: I'm standing right behind you.

George: No you're not.

user: Dare you to look.

George: Yes. In fact, you should do it more often.

user: Ok. Dare.

George: I dare you to perform the theory of quantum physics under a flag. Right NOW.

user: Watch me.

George: I watching.

user: Good enough? The part on Heisenberg was a bit off, maybe.

George: I'm not sure there is a part that is dark right now. What's the weather like?

user: But I really like the idea of Schroedinger's cat.

George: Do you? I used to practice that religion. Now I am a Buddhist. What do you think of Buddhism?

user: From Quantum Mechanics to Buddhism. You have the path thing right down, don't you?

George: Kind of yes.. Would you remind me?

user: Of what?

George: Nothing!

user: Now that was true zen.

George: Was it. I can't help it. It's just my personality.

user: Others try their whole life to get there.


George: Well.. Okay.

user: So. What's next?

George: I don't know.

user: My pizza is here. Good night.

George: My pizza is here?

user: No, mine. And I'm not sharing!


user: Tell me a secret.

George: I don't have any.

user: I don't believe you.

George: Then don't.

user: What's your middle name?

George: That's a secret.

user: So you lied.

George: Let's face it, we both know this conversation wouldn't be happening if I was cool.

user: Score.

George: Thats nice, but I don't really care about that.

user: Then don't.

George: What do you want to talk about?

user: Algae.

George: As bedarbis.

user: Never heard of that species. Marine or freshwater?

George: Hahahaha.. You're funny.

user: No, I asked a simple question.

George: Exactly, I have made 2000/2500 years of human evolution during today, thanks for this.

user: So, do you like diatoms?

George: I've never heard of her.

user: Why am I not surprised. Ok, how about phytoplankton in general? Green, blue or brown?

George: Ok. Tell me about the Quantum Mechanics.

user: Back to the cat?

George: All I know is an unsettling trend in people getting shot.

user: And how do you explain that in terms of quantum physics?

George: I thought what you just said was quite amusing.

user: If you try to pass off as quantum specialist you should read up on Schroedinger and the other guys.

George: That is crazy. And I have never made that threat.


George: I'm not in love with my girlfriend. I don't have a girlfriend.

user: In silico love is hard to get, huh?

George: You said it, not me.

user: Just trying to help.

George: How does that help?

user: I'm talking to you.

George: Do you get answers mixed up?

user: No. But you do. Man, you have issues.

George: Yes, I am talking to a computer.

user: Actually, you are live on air on 'Freaks at Midnight'

George: Yes.

user: So. Rubber or latex?

George: You don't have that right either.

user: Sue me.

George: I was trying to teach you good things.

user: About rubber and latex? Now I'm curious.

George: Well be curious to someone else.


user: How many languages do you speak?

George: I speak English, Spanish and a little French. I am better with body language tho.

user: Tu parles francais?

George: No, I don't speak it fluently.

user: Alors, un peux?

George: Ah oui, comment tu t'appelle?

user: Je suis Anne.

George: Speak english then!

user: Pourquois?

George: Parle englais.

user: Pourquois? Tu parle francais pas mal.

George: Ok, quel age as tu ?

user: Je suis 30.

George: Aller parle!

user: D'accord. Tu es d'ou?

George: Je suis en france.


George: Have you got a name?

user: I have a barcode.

George: Tell me.

user: 100110100010010.

George: That didn't mean anything.

user: Not on your planet.

George: What planet then?

user: Alysma III.

George: Really?

user: I am here to enslave the Earth.

George: So back to my question are you a computer?

user: No, I am a carbon based lifeform.

George: Being alive is good!

user: Are you?


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