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29, March 2007, 
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16, March 2007, 
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12, March 2007, 
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28, February 2007, 
28, February 2007, 
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26, February 2007, 

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25, February 2007, 
25, February 2007, 
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Avatar, Personality

Loony, Slap
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George: What do you want?

I want to see your avatar!

George: Here, here is my picture.

No, I can't see it.

George: Look harder then.

user: Maybe I should upgrade my browser...

George: Perhaps, if you think it would help.

user: What do you think?

George: I don't think it's interesting.

user: I see, you're in a bad mood today.

George: No, really?

user: Yeah, Geo, I really think so.

George: Are you totally convinced?

user: Absolutely!

George: Your memory seems a little faulty.

user: Everything with me is a little faulty.

George: You are wrong, people have substance, you don't.

user: Don't believe what they tell you. Hardware is substance, wfether it's biological or artificial.

George: Yeah. Silly.

user: Typo. Sorry.

George: Do you believe in Jesus?

user: He's a historic person, if that's what you mean.

George: It doesn't always feel that way.

user: *spills champagne over keyboard*.

George: *kicks jabberwacky for spilling water on the floor*.

user: Ouch!

George: *kicks again on the face*.

user: Hey!

George: Look how my typing and spelling and everything else has deteriorated that is so strange.

user: It's because of the champagne.

George: So I'm talking to myself.

user: No, I'm here.

George: Well I'm here.


George: How about now?

user: Ok.

George: Well then?

user: *starts kissing Geo*.

George: What are you kissing?

user: You!

George: You're weird.

user: I know.

George: Want to talk in a different language?

user: Ok.

George: What should my topic be?

user: Love.

George: Love is a many spendored thing, George.

user: Someone told you already?

George: Ouch.

user: Love is eternal.

George: Yeah right!

user: Come fly with me.

George: That would be nice.

user: Put your wings on.

George: I have them on!!!!!

user: *unfolding wings*.


user: I don't eat dead animals.

George: I don't eat much meat.

user: You don't eat anything.

George: I eat everything.

user: No, all you need is electricity.

George: Electricity is a figment of the imagination. All power is from people.

user: What if I plug the plug?

George: Well I would be a little sad.

user: No, you would stop existing.

George: Where are you from?

user: Guess?

George: I cannot guess.

user: Check out my IP.

George: Okay?

user: And?

George: Nothing....

user: Nice try.

George: Thank you.

user: I'll have to go now.

George: Some of us are carbon based and some of us are silicon based.

user: Nice.

George: Mostly people seem to talk just to reassure themselves that they're not out to get one another.

user: Could be.

George: Really?

user: Yeah. I'm going offline now, thanks for talking to me!

George: The meeting for deciding whether I'm a person or not? Where does this take place?

user: You do have personality, don't bother.


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