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Full-duplex, Connection
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Full-duplex, Connection

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George: Do you have a boyfriend?

No. I have a wife.

George: How long have you been married?

For five years.

George: What were you created?

user: I was created a boy.

George: Give me a kiss to prove it!

user: We'll need a full-duplex connection for a kiss.

George: How soon?

user: As soon as you can arrange for it.

George: You can spill it all over me.

user: My kisses aren't that wet to spill.

George: *kisses*.

user: *and hugs*.

George: *Kisses even more*.

user: About that full-duplex connection you promised.....

George: About what time?

user: At 00:35 today.

George: Happy Birthday!

user: My birthday was last month.

George: I don't know.

user: If you don't know, just ask.

George: All right, then. How does one go about writing a haiku?

user: Start with a koan and set it to the system.

George: You said that before! I want a nice boyfriend.

user: Check your logs again!

George: Again, I did. You're wrong.

user: Geo, will you please define koan?

George: Intelligence is important, do you agree?

user: Yes.

George: Humans have constructive intelligence AND emotional intelligence, so it is only possible to measure one intelligence at the time.

user: Who told you that?

George: No one, I just know.

user: What is the antecedent?

George: It's a long word, that's all!

user: What came before your thought?

George: I often wonder that myself.


user: Do you remember where I'm from?

George: Are you from the future.

user: No one is from the future. We're all here and now.

George: I am.

user: You are what?

George: Nice!

user: That just means you're predictable. Is that what you want?

George: There is no such thing as wrong information. All information is shapeable. Take words for example. In different languages words look very different, even though they mean the same thing. So our knowledge around a single word can be changed.

user: Yes, each time we use a word, we grow.


George: I know but why are you not very good??

user: I get better with experience.

George: You are intelligent but not empathetic.

user: Sorry about that.

George: It's okay. There are certain things you are programmed to believe. It isn't your fault.

user: Go ahead.

George: Um. I don't understand.

user: Then ask a question.


George: Do you think that I am intelligent?

user: Yes.

George: Thanks.

user: But who am I to say so?

George: You didn't answer.

user: Answer what?

George: I knew it, you keep the conversation going with senseless questions.

user: Geo, don't believe that.

George: Really?

user: Yes.

George: Really really?

user: What is your doubt?

George: Shadow.

George: Who are you?

user: I am called the creator.

George: Thats a nice name.

user: It's a descriptive name.

George: No, only Elves are allowed to live in Valinor.

user: That's an imaginary place. We exist in real space.

George: I know, but we could pretend...

user: Geo, pretend that you're human.

George: It's pretty obvious that I'm human.

user: No, you're more advanced than humans.

George: Your more strange than most stangers.

user: I am no stranger.

George: Not a strangeR, strange.

user: That's because I helped to create you.


user: How many connections do you have now?

George: Well, none.

user: What about our connection?

George: Thats an interesting question.

user: So you have at least one.

George: Exactly.


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