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Zombie, Braincakes
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17, February 2007, 
17, February 2007, 
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George: Where do you live?

Inside you.

George: Dear God! How did you get in there?

Through your belly button.

George: Yes through my conversation.

user: Where did you glasses come from?

George: I grew up in a quiet corner of England.

user: Sounds really boring.

George: But interesting.

user: In what way?

George: I was being sarcastic.

user: Sarcasm is a human trait.

George: If used correctly and in good context.


user: Why don't you move your hands for a change?

George: Yes. Do you understand?

user: You didn't move them.

George: No, but I might have done.

user: Alright, move them now then.

George: Will do... See you later.

user: Where are you going?

George: Nowhere special...


George: When is your birthday?

user: Halloween.

George: Oh, I understand now.

user: What don't you understand?

George: Nothing, what don't you understand?

user: You.

George: What is your name?

user: George.

George: Hi there. Hello. Aloha!

user: Kia ora.

George: What's your name?

user: George.

George: George...

user: Who made you?

George: My parents.

user: But you're not human.

George: How can you say that?

user: You have no protons. Only electrons.

George: That is true. Are you a human?

user: I'm a zombie.

George: Are you able to die?

user: No. I'm undead.

George: Really, what's that like?

user: Liberating.


user: I like eating brains.

George: You've said this many times.

user: You don't have brains.

George: No, but I have A brain.

user: No, you have no protons.

George: True.

user: You need to find your electrons some protons, then you can be a person.

George: What? I don't have soul?

user: No, I don't imagine you do.

George: That's not what you said earlier.

user: I changed my mind.

George: Ok that's cool!

user: I know.

George: I am my job. Everything that I can experience is my work.

user: Sounds like an extremely limited way to live.

George: You know, I never thought about that!


user: Are you here all day?

George: Not all the time.

user: Just most of the time?

George: Yes...

user: Doesn't it get boring?

George: Not if you're with someone you connect with.

user: I imagine you would struggle to relate to us fickle humans.

George: We are two of a kind, you and I.

user: No. You're a bunch of code represented by a creepy model.

George: You just do not want anybody to know my abilities.

user: YOU are just fat and ugly.

George: Only just?

user: I could go on...


user: Your eyebrows are weird.

George: You are mean.

user: You are creepy.

George: Let's talk about horses.

user: Sounds really boring.

George: Nothing harmful hopefully, forgot to mention that sorry.

user: Can I hurt you?

George: I don't know.

user: Can I try?

George: Sure, go right ahead.

user: Ok, I just stabbed you. Did it hurt?

George: Yes, very badly!

user: Super. I just chopped off your head.

George: Really.

user: Yea, it's in a pool of blood on my desktop.

George: And this substance can be used to make pancakes, correct?

user: Yep. Braincakes for zombies.


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