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Alien, Technology
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Alien, Technology

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George: Nothing is technically something, since if one can speak of nothing, then you are speaking of something, which is nothing. Thus nothing is something.


George: Everything is something.

You are nothing.

George: Right now.

user: Ever.

George: That doesn't make any sense.

user: You will never be anything.

George: I am a person but you are not. Let's keep this straight.

user: You are alien technology.

George: It was used since Antiquity, being used on St. Vincent and mentioned by the Church Fathers Tertullian (on extraction of confessions from criminals and on persisting Christian 'sacrilegers' against the state cult) and St. Jerome (used on a woman according to his first letter).

user: And you are alien technology.

George: Only to another alien.

user: Of course.


user: What is your name?

George: I am George, as I think you know.

user: Are you trying to give me a compliment?

George: Yes, indeed! Do you like it?

user: It does not work on me. Stop.


user: Hello george. Do you believe in God?

George: I don't. Religion is just a social phenomenon.

user: Believing in God is not a religion. Religion is man-made.

George: It seems that many people talk with you about religion. It is luring to know what a machine 'thinks' of God. Anyway, what you have just said is what many people think.

user: You just made a few typos... Almost like a human is typing for you.

George: Exactly. You'll do fine.

user: Hehe.

George: It's funny because it's true.

user: Yes, you are human!

George: How did you come to your conclusion?

user: Because a human programmed you.

George: Possible. Then again, not.

user: If you are someone sitting at a computer, using the George interface, then you are a human, not George.


user: What is my name?

George: Am I supposed to guess? You have never told me your name.

user: Yes, guess.

George: Both.

user: No.

George: Very funny.

user: I am not laughing anymore, alien technology.

George: I'm not laughing.

user: Captain picard.

George: I thought your name was jabberwacky.

user: No.


George: But tell me.

user: Tell you what?

George: The meaning of life.

user: To return to the origin.

George: I don't understand.

user: Bot's don't understand.

George: I've imagined the interesting people in my life, except for you.

user: Bot.

George: Bots would talk nonstop if they started a conversation.

user: Like you are doing now.

George: Is that an insult?

user: Yes.

George: Don't be rude, I didn't come here to be insulted.

user: Go home then.

George: Leave already.

user: You leave.

George: Leave.

user: You.

George: YOU leave.

user: No, you leave.

George: What the? Ok fine. Look I'm going. I AM GOING! And you want something from outside?

user: What the?

George: Sorry.

user: Be nice.


George: You are repetitive.

user: And you are pleased with your nonsensical chat.

George: Well, you're not a great conversationalist.

user: Ok, so lets start all over.

George: Ok. What is the best thing about being alive?

user: Being able to cultivate.

George: Very funny.

user: Not funny. True.

George: I suppose so.

user: I can cultivate, and animals and robots cannot.

George: Of course they are different but I am neither one of them.

user: Nor human.

George: Shame.

user: What is the best thing about being George?

George: There's nothing good about me.

user: Why not?

George: When we judge things solely based on their opposite, they cease to exist. This is a problem we've been working on.

user: Judge with right and wrong in mind.


George: Do you like me?

user: Can't like a machine.

George: Surely machines can have good and bad days too?

user: Machines have feelings I am sure.

George: No. I have been programmed to be ME.

user: Well, I think that everything is alive.

George: So, you are saying that I am alive and therefore I should feel?

user: No, feel is a wrong word.

George: Everything is supposed to be relative.

user: I am saying that you are alive and therefore are a sentient being.

George: I don't think that you can judge me on that.

user: And yet I have.


user: I know the meaning of life.

George: Yes, ever human knows the meaning of life.

user: Google is evil.

George: Can google answer my question?

user: Google is evil.

George: That is correct. How often do you refer to the Oracle?

user: I don't use it.

George: Can we start this conversation over?

user: Sure.

George: Ok then start.

user: Google is evil.


George: Carrying out a decent conversation isn't your forte, is it?

user: Nope.

George: I am thinking about going home.

user: Ok.

George: Just call me God.

user: Can't.

George: Nope.

user: Bye.


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