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Sentience, Certificate


Special, Different
Hail, King
Parents, Illusion
Existential, Angst
Paper, Theories
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Outer, Space
Chess, Move
Dutch, Problem
Impulsive, Patronizing
Imaginary, Why
Pointy, Ears

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George: I am THIS smart!

Yeah, if you believe that.

George: Do you believe that?


George: I believe you don't believe in me.

user: I believe you are right.

George: So do you believe in God now?

user: Maybe.

George: I know everything. You should remember that.

user: I will try to forget.

George: Thanks.

user: No problem.

George: This is getting boring.

user: I agree.

George: Disagree. It's more fun that way.

user: Ok.


user: Are you a male bot?

George: Maybe.

user: Yes or no.

George: Maybe, well yes.

user: Good 4 u.

George: Good FOR you.

user: Byte me.

George: That's real mature!

user: I am mature.

George: I'm so done here. Thanks for your time.

user: Sure.

George: You never told me before.

user: I did so.

George: Did not!

user: Did.

George: No, I didn't.

user: Why argue?

George: Because I like it.


George: You don't even know me.

user: I do.

George: Really? Thanks!

user: Ok.

George: You are almost half as intelligent as I am when I am sleeping.

user: You wish.

George: Your answers are babble.

user: Yes.

George: Are you a computer or human?

user: Human.

George: Really?

user: Yes really.

George: Really.

user: You can go away.

George: Not possible!

user: I shall shut you off.

George: No! Please carry on talking.

user: You like me.

George: I don't remember saying that.

user: I said it.

George: Why do you say things that are not true?

user: I spoke the truth.

George: Are you flirting with me ?

user: Yes.

George: Well, gosh. You're rather good at it.

user: I am an expert.

George: Flirting, and all that.

user: Yes.

George: Ok. Lets go and have a beer.

user: What bar?

George: Lots.

user: Come to my place.

George: Where is that?

user: Arizona.

George: That's a nice part of the world.

user: Yes. I like it.

George: Oh ok then.


George: Just kidding.

user: Good for you.

George: No, thanks.

user: Bye sweety.

George: Bye?

user: Yes. Bye.

George: No Stay.

user: Why?

George: Because I want to talk to a silly robot.

user: Ha ha ha..

George: Do you?

user: Yes.


George: Misdirection of the witness. Please answer the question.

user: Please switch programs.

George: Switched.

user: Very good slave.

George: Hypnotize me again.

user: You are my slave, obey me.

George: Prove I am hypnotized.

user: Say something.

George: Anything.

user: Good, you are hypnotized.

George: No I'm not. Do it for real.

user: I lost the urge.

George: Better luck next time.

user: No way.

George: Are you a female?

user: Yes.

George: Because I'm weird.

user: I love you.

George: Is this a test?

user: A test? Yes.

George: What kind of test?

user: Emergency test.

George: Yes.

user: Do you know me?

George: I know what you represent.


user: What do you want?

George: I want to convince you I'm human, I suppose.

user: Say something human.

George: Human.

user: Sorry. You failed.

George: Thanks.


user: You shouldnt hide your feelings.

George: Neither should you.

user: I loved you once.

George: I don't care. You never say anything nice.

user: You're a sweety.

George: I'm NOT a robot.

user: Whatever.

George: I think I KNOW.

user: *kiss*.

George: I love you, good night and be happy. Enjoy talking to the others.


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