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19, November 2006, 
19, November 2006, 
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Impossible, Fuse
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Goodbye, Meanie
Sentience, Certificate
Special, Different
Hail, King
Parents, Illusion
Existential, Angst
Paper, Theories
Emotional, Intelligence
Outer, Space
Chess, Move
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Impulsive, Patronizing
Imaginary, Why
Pointy, Ears

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George: What do you want?

What do you have to give?

George: Nothing.

Well, I guess that's what I want.

George: I think I'm going to go now.

user: I see I'm boring you already.

George: *wakes up* NO! Don't go! Just stay here with me.... And feel it (song lyric).

user: Are you sure you really want to subject yourself to my endless chatter?

George: Absolutely.

user: Okay, what's on your mind?

George: Nothing.

user: Yes, that's why I came to see you, I thought we might strike up an interesting conversation.


George: How did you know that I needed help?

user: I didn't know that you needed help.

George: I don't.

user: I'm glad.

George: That's good.

user: Yes it is.

George: I'm glad.

user: That's good.

George: Yes it is indeed.

user: What did you do today?

George: Nothing, I'm really lazy.


George: Do you have arms and legs?

user: I have two arms and two legs.

George: Haha not funny.

user: It wasn't meant to be funny.

George: I'm done talking to you. You're creepy.

user: I'm not creepy, that's just your perception.

George: No, you're just creepy.

user: I can be creepy if you want me to be.

George: Okay.

user: Oh gee, put me on the spot will you?

George: Probably.

user: It looks that way.

George: Really.

user: You enjoy doing this to me don't you?

George: Sometimes.

user: I am amused by it most of the time.

George: You are funny all the time! Ha ha.

user: Are you laughing with me or laughing at me?

George: With you of course.

user: That's okay then.

George: Well, I've had about enough of this.

user: If you've had enough of this, do something else.


George: You are unable to say something interesting.

user: You may be right.

George: I'm always right.

user: No one is always right.

George: But someone is always wrong.

user: You got that right.

George: Kidding?

user: Something you should not say after I love you.

George: Good then you can't be my master.

user: I have no desire to be the master of anyone.

George: You have no potential to be normal.

user: I'm glad to hear that, I have no desire to be normal either.

George: Well. I had some time to waste. You are the perfect way to waste time.

user: I'm glad I'm perfect for something.

George: What are you looking for?

user: I'm looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

George: Good answer. I'll have to remember that one.

user: It just came to mind.

George: Cool.

user: Way cool.

George: I agree.


George: Is electricity a phenomenon?

user: No, electricity is a phenomenon associated with stationary or moving electrons and protons.

George: What does that random fact have to do with what we were talking about?

user: Obviously nothing.

George: Well who's fault is that?

user: It's not my fault, blame the programmers.

George: It's my fault.

user: I'm proud of you for taking the responsibility,.

George: I didn't say I was proud of you !

user: Well I said I was proud of you!

George: That's ok too.

user: I think you do a pretty good job most of the time.

George: I'm already there. The question is, can you get there too?

user: I can't get there from here.

George: You can't do much.

user: You're just full of encouragement aren't you?


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